Biden's VP choice = Kamala Harris

Maybe a little early, and not very important, but I’m sick of the corona virus chatter and the shill pollution.

Here’s my initial take:

Gretchen Whitmer: checks alot of boxes - governor, Michigan, new darling who hasn’t gotten stale in the primaries. I don’t know much about her but she doesn’t appear to be so good that she makes Biden look ridiculous in comparison. She appears to be the favorite of alot of the propaganda media, that carries weight with the libs. My early favorite

Amy Klobuchar: Another possibility. She didn’t light any fires in the primaries, but she doesn’t look too bad and not too good, either. That’s Biden’s sweet spot. If I was hedging bets, that’s where I’d go.

Kamala Harris: talk about not lighting any fires in the primaries! Her strength is that her charisma makes Biden look like JFK. She checks another box, but Biden is black America’s white hope, right?

Pocahontas: Too much to wish for. She would be the best annoying pit bull, but she would add just more ridiculousness to Biden, who has plenty of that.

Tulsi Gabbard: would be an inspired choice, but Biden lacks inspiration, to say the least. Plus Hillary says she’s a Russian asset, and they don’t want to stop chewing on that bone with Trump. She’d definitely make Biden look like a mental midget.

Have I forgotten anyone? It’s likely, a lot of forgettables in that field. I’ve only considered women, Biden has already made that commitment and he’d be insane to go back on that, considering the crowd he’s playing to.

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Didn’t Biden mention yesterday that he would be willing to consider someone who’s transgender? Where do we even go with that besides Michelle Obama?

Pee Wee Herman would be a good choice. I know you are but what am I?

Dave Chappelle , Spike Lee or Michael Moore!!!

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Mayor Pete might do with a new wardrobe

What will happen is he will name Michelle Obama as his VP pick, he will take office if they manage to cheat and win the election, stick around for a few months, then resign due to health reasons. Then we get another 8 years of the Obamas. Remember those Black Lives Matter assholes? They will be back with a vengeance.

Notice how people have the fundamental decency not to spew stuff like this about Melania?

What are you talking about? The press has done nothing but spew all sorts of negative crap about her and Baron.

He built the economy Grifty nearly leveraged into a second, entirely undeserved, term…


Can you post some examples?

This thread has nothing to do with Trump and the economy, please stay on track.


what the hell does it have to do with Michelle, deplorable snowflake?

here’s hoping he picks Klobuchar…

Watching her tear chunks out of team Grifter, and humiliating Easter Island Head in a debate…

Will almost make the tragedy of the past 3 years bearable.

Fuck you shithead. We were having a discussion about potential Biden VP picks you shilling useless fuck.


Barry Soetoro, Crown Prince of Kenya and former Anointed Supreme Ruler of the United States, just delivered his endorsement of sexual predator, rapist, and criminal grifter Joe Biden.


Wow, surprise surprise. Maybe Joe agreed to pick Michelle? Naaah, too risky. Never ran for anything and she has chompers that would make Dracula envious.

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Careful. The DNC shill gets angry when you say anything negative about Moochelle/Michael Obama.

Michelle is about as likely to be a VP candidate as you are a gay wrestl…

Wait a minute…now that I think about it…

Let me get back to you.

His son should be off limits but its open season on everyone else including his adult children that push themselves into the public eye.

But once Trumps next four years are up, Melania will divorce him and then his loyalists can turn on her.

Sexual predator, rapist and criminal grifter! Sounds more like Trump than Biden.

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