Biden was paying $5 million a day NOT to build the border wall

You’re STILL not speaking for the “vast majority” of Americans……


And who are they? The dead f a g g o t s that the Biden team had voting for him?

Fuck them and fuck Biden.

Also - fuck your gay F A G G O T oversized emoji. Only supreme cocksuckers use such things.

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And you speak for no one.

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Lol, another loud mouth from the safety of his or her dig……:roll_eyes:

Says monte who spams from mommy’s basement.

And yet, no matter how much or how loud you guys scream and cry at PB, they continue to arrive. Nothing you guys can do about it. Even in your four years of Trump, as CATO pointed out, none of the 10,15, 20 or more million “illegal aliens” in the US were removed….

They can arrive all they want. We have a lot of trees.

You are a complete dumb ass.

Until congress acts, nothing will change.

Dimwitocrats do nothing as they seek to bolster their base with illegals seeking permanent power.

When that day comes it will be the end of a once great nation.

Coming from you in the midst of your mental and bodily makeover, your dumb posts get dumber by the day!

Correct. And our borders are open, as they are in most of the developed world though goods and people passing back and forth across them are monitored at the various crossings….

I bet you live in the whitest place on earth lol

Safest places on earth and 100% American Republican towns with guns.

The most dangerous places are areas with high immigration

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Beyond naive.

People cross the border and are released into the US to disappear in the US. Few illgals return to their home countries.

He claims to live in New Mexico.

I doubt it.

People in the west know the impact of illegals in the US.

I think that he does, I myself used to live in New Mexico, just outside Santa Fe and there are a lot of crazy leftists that live out there. I had a few run ins with them, having had to draw my 9mm because I was being attacked by a few there. Needless to say I had to shoot one for trespassing on my property, which I still own there. It was not ever a good situation, and yo always have to be on your guard. New Mexico used to be a conservative state, until all the stupid implants from New York and California started to arrive. Taos, is one such place where rich elite leftist assholes live. Fking hate them! They move there and bring their bullshit politics with them!

Should had this sign a long time ago but for New Mexico

Been to Taos and it is a leftist shithole.

Like Colorado when you get out of the cesspool cities it’s pretty conservative.

You would like Wyoming, open carry state no permit required.

Last summer we had ANTIFA protestors show up. They were met by 20 or so local people all carrying. The police were there and the protestors said, hey they have guns. The police said everyone except you seem to have guns and suggested they leave which they did without delay. Made the evening news.

Yes I like Wyoming. I spent a lot of time in the Big Horns for a few summers. Absolutely love it there. I like the three corners up by Montana, and Idaho and Wyoming where the states meet. McCall, and other places like that.

My ranch in eastern Oklahoma is in fact in a very white part of America, my lake house in hot springs Arkansas is in a fairly white region, my ranch in New Mexico near Las Vegas, not very white at all……

But I was raised in San Diego area, a very culturally diverse region…

None of which is relevant to anything….

My opinion on immigration is based upon the illegal Mexican American war and what it did to Mexico…

So why don’t you go live around your people? Lol

Why don’t you get the hell out of this country and do everyone a favor.

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