Biden breaks mask mandate within hours of his mandate lol

What a complete retard lol

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Do as I say, not as I do.

The hallmark of many of our politicians.


I want ONE of these fucksticks to show me data that shows mask mandates help. Here’s a start: Keep in mind, masks won’t impact the death rate for at least 2 weeks after the mandate as the contraction to death timespan is around 2 weeks.


They don’t answer to the people. Its all about control.

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I’m going to spend some time in the next few days to do ALL states and put current data into it. Hopefully we can make it go Viral so people start understanding how fucked up a mask mandate actually is. . .

Rand gets it:

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It doesn’t work it’s for control

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What is the goal of this “control”? Just trying to wrap my head around why you think masks are so terrible.

Have you considered the crazy idea that the mandates are in place to save lives?

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Masks don’t save lives.
Masks don’t protect the wearers from infection.
Masks may protect others somewhat if the wearers cough and sneeze a lot.

Other than that, masks are very detrimental to health.
Fungus and other nasties grow in the masks which must be discarded and changed several times a day, if morons insist on wearing them.

Yes I did for about 1 second but then common sense prevailed.


I hope you realize that respiratory droplets are expelled when breathing and talking, not just coughing and sneezing.

There may be a slightly higher risk of minor skin infections such as candida, when a mask is worn for long periods. Not such a big deal compared to a deadly virus.

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Have you considered that masks really do not work?

Deadly virus?

Perhaps to those with secondary conditions and the elderly, not so much for the general population.

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Deadly virus… oooohhhhh! It has a 98+ % survival rate. That’s really worth destroying the economy and people’s lives over, eh?


Over 400k dead in the US. How deadly would it have to be, before you would advocate taking steps to slow community spread?

Let’s also remember the initial response by the Trump administration, which was to downplay, deny, and do nothing. We are where we are today because of that, and because of people that refuse to take even the smallest measures to slow the spread, like wearing a mask and distancing, because it infringes on their “freedom.”

You can believe what you like. I don’t believe any of the inflated, fake numbers. This bullshit flu bug is all about control.

How much more do you want done to slow community spread? How many more lives need to be destroyed before you feel safe coming out from under your bed? Fuck this whole CV19 charade… and all of you sheeple following blindly along… to your own demise.

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This is the problem. This shit keeps spreading as long as people like you refuse to believe how serious it is. The sad thing is that losing a loved one or getting really sick yourself is probably the only way you will be convinced.

No, it keeps spreading because of sheep like you. I suspect you still have your job and are making a living? I have been out of work for almost 11 months. I have no unemployment left. I have no medical insurance. My savings is dwindling at a rapid pace. I don’t give two shits about this bullshit cold virus.

I hope all of you fucks that whine about masks and staying home get to find out how much worse the cure is than the disease.

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You don’t know a goddam thing about me except what I’ve told you.

I do empathize with you. I know what it’s like to be without work on a tight budget. Instead of lashing out at me, why don’t you try to convince people to stop spreading the virus so things can get back to normal?

How about convincing the government that they won… and we can be done with this now. Ya know, after a certain amount of people have lost everything they ever worked for, the push back will be far worse than the fake virus ever was. It served it’s purpose… keep this crap up much longer and you aint seen shit yet!

The mandates were put in place as a backstop because people weren’t listening to the recommendations as hospitals were filling up.