Biden breaks mask mandate within hours of his mandate lol

Nope! If the science can’t support factual evidence of why masks should be worn then why should our civil liberties be infringed upon in mandating that everyone should wear one? Go ahead provide factual evidence!

Please tell me you are not one of these California liberal transplants who decided to move to Idaho.

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Look… we were told to stay home for two weeks and social distance to stop the spread and keep the hospitals from being inundated. We did that. Almost a year later, nothing has changed. This was never about the virus, or hospitals, or stopping the spread. It has always been, and continues to be about control. The destruction of the country is not worth it! But… they continue the experiment to see just how far a population can be pushed before an outright revolt happens. They are about to get their answer.

LOL, no. You haven’t read Frank Herbert I’m guessing

Uh huh. That is what you come back with? Seriously? Let’s be obtuse and throw crap on the wall and hope it sticks!

Because we are a free country absolutely no reason to have a mask mandate… that’s just a power move…


Nope! And I probably won’t either.

No, we didn’t. Not on the scale that was needed. There were too many people listening to advice that this was all made up, not a big deal, etc.

They are only on federal property where 95% are wearing a mask… your just a commie

Did you even open the link? There is a lot of information with good references. Exactly what you ordered…

Maybe where you live they didn’t. Where I live, there was no one outside or doing anything that wasn’t an absolute necessity. What advice was made up at the start of this that people listened to? People took this pretty serious at the start and did what they were asked. That time is looonnnggg past!

Yeah? We’re you separated from your family for a year? Denied to see your wife and kid for a year? Threaten by the Communist regime of detention and to kill your family?

How about work? Did you lose your job? Miss your payments?

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Dude I don’t need to! You make assumptions about me and what I know, and relying on the CDC as a credible source only shows it’s you that is being lazy and not informed.

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Over 400K dead largely elderly and those with secondary conditions.

Some infected when governors put infected people into senior centers and nursing homes.

And remember the Federal Government could do little. They stopped ailing travel which does little good when anyone can walk across the souther border. The Fed Gov’t dd distribute supplies on hand, escalate the vaccine development and testing. Instead of13 yeas it happened in less than a year.

And masks are a great placebo.
States and cities control the response and close businesses and order peopl to stay home.


If the cdc isn’t a credible source, then I’m not sure how to have a real discussion. You are too deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole already. Nothing I say here will change your mind.

Are you ignoring Texas and Florida?

Naa, I am not to deep into the conspiracy rabbit hole. You just proven you are another misinformed sheep trying to invalidate my statements while being obtuse at the same time. The reality is people like you are part of the problem not the solution and is the reason due to your ignorance and apathy we are where we are today as a country. Stop being lazy and do your own fking research!


CDC has been wrong on so many occasions relating to this virus, that they are no longer can be considered a trust worthy source and are now nothing more than a political body masquerading as a clinic.

You were asked to provide evidence and like a snowflake you punted with more BS

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“If the science can’t support factual evidence of why masks should be worn…”

This is what you asked of evidence for. Funny thing is, it isn’t even widely disputed that masks are effective in reducing the amount of airborn droplets, therefore limiting the spread.

I’m obviously not understanding something here as to why people won’t wear them

Do you know the difference between answering a direct question by providing specific info than posting a website telling someone that there is lots of useful information so they should click on a link? Seriously? How retarded is that? Where were you educated? What was your highest level of education achieved? Do you eat McDonalds food too?

Actually that’s the gestation period of the virus ~The time between contraction and being contagious/showing symptoms. The time between contraction of the virus and death has been VARIED of course. I DO know that a patient admitted for say, for a myocardial infarction, is treated and while in ICU contracts the disease / tests positive but shows no symptoms, then dies from complications of his MCI - they will list the death as COVID. This does artificially raise the true death toll from covis-19.