Beverly hill resident stocking up on guns

Yeah something that you acknowledged as a meme dumbass! So which is it shit for brains? You said I started or are you claiming to be a victim now? You fking hypocritical POS!

Child porn can never Never a acceptable meme. You sick son of a bitch

I am pretty sure that this was you who started it! Denying it only makes you a bigger scumbag than you already are! As well as altering two of my posts yesterday, which thankfully Rick was able to catch and show the moderators!

And you edited mine. With child porn.

No I did not edit anything, I created a meme dumbass just like you did shit for brains, something that you started1 You hit me, I will hit you back! I don’t take shit from bitch ass losers like you!

In order to create a meme you had to edit my post… in child porn is never acceptable… maybe somebody should investigate your computer

I did not edit your post, the moderators also know that. So you should stop lying! You edited two of my post taglines by changing the titles to them, and they know it was you who did it!

Go read the the meme shit for brains. They were your words that claimed to have child porn on your computer not me.

You edited my post and said you had child porn


That is a meme ass wipe, not an edited post! Everybody who saw that know that as well, so you should stop embarrassing yourself!

Keep your motherfucking mouth shut before the FBI raid your fcuking Home, and
Take your pension away


You edit my post bragging about child porn on your computer.

You’re a sick’o

Go for it shit you fking retard! You talk out of your ass as always, but you ain’t doing shit because you are a little punk ass bitch!

You know what I don’t give a fuck! Its obvious that you are low life racist scumbag here and nothing is going to change that! You change any more of my post and it will be the last thing you wish you had never done! Now go fuck off you piece of shit, I don’t don’t want anything to do with you anymore!

Did you type this? Yes or no?

Did you type this? It was you who started it dumbass. Or are you going to lie about that too?

Someone knows they are in deep shit. Or are you just open to Child pedophilia?

Yeah OK! Like always you just talking out of your ass again! You know nothing about me. I can find you easily and out identity if you want!

@Patriot not only does he edit my post and admit that he has child porn on his computer, but now he wants to dox me. Agains the rules ah?

Yep the rules! Because they know what is the truth and that you are a lying POS. Pretty simple. Please, please file a report on me Jizzwizz! Call the FBI, please! I would love nothing more than you calling the FBI and filing a report on me! Please do it and STOP TALKING SHIT AND MAKING OPEN THREATS! ACTUALLY DO IT!