Betsy Ross, Nationalism, and Nike

I’m surprised that no one has commented on it yet, but apparently that washed up ingrate mixed race quarterback who started the whole kneel-during-the-national-anthem thing has thrown a hissy fit at Nike for trying to launch a new sneaker that incorporates the old Colonial American flag (aka “Betsy Ross” flag):

I think that the Betsy Ross flag has great potential as the next “White supremacist” symbol, like the “OK” hand sign and the MAGA hat.

Personally, I like the optics of the old American Colonial flag, and think it ably straddles the line between, on the one hand, “rah rah” braindead patriotism for globohomo modern America and, on the other hand, overtly foreign symbols (crosses, windmills of friendship) or “new” symbols with which people have no association or connection. (I like the Confederate Battle Flag too, but it’s still largely a regional thing and instantly turns a lot of otherwise amenable people off due to its long-maligned history.)

To me, the Betsy Ross flag calls to mind the original America that’s been lost: the America built by White men of good character; a young nation full of promise and confidence; unburdened by ■■■■■■ subversion and crippling White guilt; a nation without ungrateful basketball-Americans and unsullied by third world detritus; a nation for ourselves and our posterity.

The Betsy Ross flag is still (for now) normie-friendly, but it’s got great symbolic potential thanks to that ungrateful negro.

I think I’ll finally spend some money to buy a nice Betsy Ross flag to fly outside, and a car magnet decal if I can find one.


Here is some real back lash against Nike


Once you start demeaning statues, authors, etc. for being “symbols of white supremacy” as they’ve been doing ( as with that 100 year old Pioneer statue in Oregon that they want torn down because it’s too symbolic of white patriarchy) then anything is game.

Nietzsche was right when he said the resentment of the little people would destroy civilization. Welcome to clown :clown_face: world.


If Kaepernick hates the the USA so much he’s free to get the fuck out. Why doesn’t he go back to his ancestral homeland? I hear Africa is pretty much like Wakanda.


The Left throws milkeshakes. The Right “Stone Cold” freezes their corporate welfare.

Pulling financial aid does not mean the jobs are gone. Nike has to withdraw their plans to build the plant. Nike may build the plant anyhow without the incentives. This could very well be meaningless.

It was actually Orwell who predicted in more precise terms that streets, statutes, books, etc., would all be destroyed in an attempt to rewrite history in order to escape the past! It is right of the communist playbook, as Mao tore down thousands of years of Chinese history in an attempt to distance his culture from the past as well in order to modernise Chinese culture. Beijing is a primary example where the city once had ring road barriers that encased Houtongs something that is quickly disappearing in favour of high rises!

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When every black child is taught in public schools that they are still victims and the oppressors are patriotic Americans then they will hate the flag, they will hate America. We need to get domestic terrorist democrats out of education


Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Instead of hating on America during the Obama administrations, why didn’t you just leave instead???

And if they do decide to not build the plant, then that’s 500 jobs (and all the economic impact that brings) that Arizona will not get. Real smart governor.

Clown cars for crusty! Clown cars for Crusty!

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Ummmm… so way back when… those Confederates … you think they were the paragon of patriotism?

Interesting. No wonder you support abortion on demand… it disproportionately kills descedents of those pesky slaves the Democrats murdered, hung, raped, and disenfranchised.

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Oh hell no to leaving, we elected Trump instead! :grinning::us: MAGA!!


Two things…2020 and restoration…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :us: MAGA…

I want to see corporate would-be social engineers get fucking smashed every time they leave their lane of doing business to dabble in controlling social morals.

Kick these fucking commies and their pet monkey right out of the country!

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Simple, if you own Nike stock, dump it. Never buy another Nike Product and start a campaing with any sports teams you are affiliated with in any way to never buy another Nike Product.

This decision was made because Nike thought that with Kaepernick coming out against the shoes it would cost them money.

Let them eat their own products and learn what it’s really like to get hit in the wallet.

New Balance is better for my snowshoe feet anyway

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Libs really need to mangle the language to swallow patriotism.


Well… Colon Kaepernick just spat upon a feminist icon. Fucking libs better put a leash on their black boy raised by white parents.

They already have a brewing feminist vs Muslim war and a brewing feminist vs tranny war. Pretty soon when you hear of Kaepernick taking a knee it will mean some feminist just put their knee up into Kaepernick’s balls.

Just a loose gaggle of angry disaffected low information people… Democrats.