Beto O'Rourke - Official Skeletons Thread - Run Over Children Edition

Let the party begin! The left is endorsing a child who would just as soon pull the wings off of butterflies, drown kittens or run children down on the street.

Here is an excerpt from the child killing tale:

That would once have gotten him a trip to the psychologist for a full evaluation. Now, he’s lauded for it.

Democrats would like him to be the VP running mate in order to tie up Texas for Democrats. They want Texas.

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And Bernie Sanders had violent rape fantasies that he wrote about. But libs dont care really. Not really.

Beto is a babbling idiot that spouts nothing with substance. Everything he says does not have an agenda or a plan. No different than a 5 year old daydreaming.



Beto’s fantasy writings about killing children. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the authority to use the nuclear launch codes does it?

The Lord has to have a purpose, far above my pay grade, in allowing the evil in this world to persist and flourish. It’s so hard to see what is happening and as all that I can do is continue to point it out and pray.

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Completely random, not sticking up for the Irish fake:

Death Race, be Exidy

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Beto said he was “born to do this” … really, born to do what…

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All of these communist/socialists know that their messages won’t win votes, so instead they hire actors who present images that might win votes. Cortez is another example. Think about it.

Yes, we Lefties actually have “thinkers” comparing ideas in order to figure out the best possible scientific course of action to achieve human happiness…and Righties have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ted Nuget :rofl:

Lol. someone thinks as much of themselves as Beetoff the creepy

Um…are you inferring that writers of fiction, fantasy or horror should be vilified? Would this include: Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Clive Barker?

Tell me - which one of them is running for President?

You’re right. None of them are running for President. You missed the point entirely, but that’s ok. Ya know, this poem by Beto is almost as bad as separating children from parents and putting them in cages. ALMOST.

I think Beetoff would compare favorably to Poe…it cant get any better/creepy than that…thanks that’s food for thought.

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Happiness is now related to science??

Like Barack Obama did???

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Cages? How about making another jump towards hysteria and promote it as kennels with children being treated like animals.

They were separated from adults. The means of keeping them separated and so they can be monitored is chain link fence.

The practicality outweighs anyone’s delicate sensibilities.


Yet when challenged to talk about those ideas you decided to chicken out! Pretty much what makes up your so called “thinkers”. Maybe that is all your good at is thinking instead of actually allowing debate on the issues and implementing those ideas with consensus. You are a perfect example of your hit and run style! All talk no substance! In other words you are a chicken shit and can’t defend any of your arguments!

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