Bernie Sanders Has Suspended His Quest

Bernie has officially suspended his campaign. Boohoo! What am I to do? :rofl:

He’s set to deliver a special message at 11:45AM ET and is still asking for donations at


Well, like he would know how to deal with the un-going Coronavirus pandemic if he was President. He’s a socialist that rather give away free healthcare and bankrupt the American people.

Looks like “Sleepy Joe” will find some excuse when he goes up against Trump. IF there is any election debates between the two.

Bernie is not withdrawing from the race, just suspending his efforts. He still wants to wield some power at the Democrat Party Convention, like having some input to the platform. His name may even come up as a nominee regardless of this suspension.

Biden is going to name Homocuomo as his running mate!

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@Dr_Manhattan Ughhh…

Well, it could have been worse, Biden could have gone with Michigan Governor Whitmer. Lol

What’s funny about that is Gavin Newsom has objectively handled the Coronavirus outbreak in California much better…and he had way more Chinese flooding in from Wuhan. Newsom shut things down earlier and brought the California numbers down quickly as a result. But because Cuomo screwed this up so bad NY has become the epicenter and he gets loads of free airtime as a result. Incompetence rewarded.

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At least Whitmer has nice plump milkers to look at instead of Cuomo’s degenerate pierced nipples.

You ever notice the correlation between poor literacy and the Deplorable understanding of the SOSHALIST! boogeyman?

“EEK! How can America possibly afford something other than the most expensive and inefficient health care system in the world? Do you think we are some kind of advanced nation like France or Sweden?”

Speaking of correlations, what is it with Deplorables and the homosexuality that is always on the tips of their tongues, as it were?

Lol - yeah let’s import more third world trash and watch our rapes skyrocket, just like France and Sweden. That won’t have an impact on the police, hospitals, or mental health professionals anywhere at all.

What is with leftists wanting to impose their degeneracy on everyone else? Remember when gay rights were all about gay marriage and what two adults do in private…now it’s about pushing perverted drag queens on kids. Sick fucks.


Your response is a girly giggle and a bizarre claim that universal health care will lead to a surge of rapes? Given how easy it is to frighten Deplorable hysterical ninnies, it is no wonder you guys can see a flabby brat like trump and see a daddy protector.

If it helps, I can understand why you would find the “trans agenda” to be so dangerously tempting. Did you have your deviant fantasies even before you set your hair on fire?

Are you upset that we recognize the fact that these rancid homosexual freaks show their disdain for normalcy everywhere they go…and time and time again all these filthy subhumans want is access to us. Access to our children, access to our communities. It’s an ‘act of hate’ and morally evil for us normal people to not bend over backwards for them, or in the case of “trans rights” for some flaming powderpuff degenerate in a dress who’s whole persona revolves around sodomy to not to have unbridled access to 3-6 year olds.


Isn’t it interesting that room-temp IQ cat lady library directors all across the country took the unanimous decision to host Drag Queen Story Hours? Proof that cat ladies need male supervision at all times.

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No, I waver between being disgusted and amused by easily frightened, casually bigoted Deplorables who live in constant fear they are going to catch “the gay.” I’m sure that if you all just turned the knob on your closet door you would find it is not only not locked, the door isn’t even completely closed.

Ha - just where do you think you are? There are a few of those but you clearly have not grasped your surroundings.

I like this place. The victim-wannabes here have the most interesting conspiracy theories.

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