Bernie Sanders Campaign Organizer Says MAGA People Will Get Gulags and Re-Education Camps If Bernie Wins

Yes, and in that post I asked the rhetorical question, “do you want to hold Trump personally responsible”, didn’t I? :thinking:

Well this is going to leave a huge mark

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He is on the Bernie campaign payroll making a 5 figure salary which could be anywhere from $10 grand to $99 grand and hasn’t been fired yet.

So you think what he’s saying on the video is Sanders view?

How can Bernie Sanders be anything but somebody’s bitch after his sell out in 2016. What’s more HOW CAN ANYONE be his follower?


With all of the outrage I may have to break open a boxcar and start hitting the gun shows again. Nothing drives up prices like serious political discord. :grinning:

Remember when he was intimidated off the stage by BLM?

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