Bernie Sanders Campaign Organizer Says MAGA People Will Get Gulags and Re-Education Camps If Bernie Wins

You have no way of knowing that as you don’t know anybody here. But we most certainly DO HAVE members of this board that espouse the same sentiments as that guy.

Yeah, and demonstrate how Bernie Sanders is represented by those idiots.

You seriously compare the people on this board to a mass murderers because they support Trump?


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There are quite a few on this board who espouse the SAME rhetoric as that shooter did/does. And that’s documented on the pages of this board regularly.

@montecresto1 we do our very best to respect the fact that you offer a contrary view on a wide range of political positions. You know that we support free speech in its truest and most raw form - from any and all political positions. That means that it won’t be pretty most of the time. It also means that controversial views and opinions will often be shared and that others will find those views to be deeply offensive. That’s what makes this community unique and at times very frustrating, but we aren’t going to change our position and commitment to freedom of speech. Regardless, we should all refrain from casually tossing around very serious accusations.


Isn’t it amazing how actual journalism makes CNN news actors so uncomfortable?

Its pretty telling on many levels, as they know they are all actors. This wasn’t a good look for Blitzer.

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Of course, this interaction won’t be breaking news on CNN :rofl:

I love J Owen Shroyer, he really cuts to the chase whenever covering a issue! These are the people we need to support not these corporate asshats!

He also did it respectfully and directly which I found to be highly professional and where the practice of journalism should be.

Yeah, that is a good point. He is always about staying on topic and challenging people on the issues. Remember the video “but you are a white male” screech when he was out advocating to vote for Trump? That was the same guy and he took it on with a hostile crowd. That is when he earned my respect.

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That interaction is what put him on the map and rightfully so. He was completely surrounded and in a situation that would make most people uncomfortable, but he stuck to his guns like a champ and didn’t falter for a second.

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Here is part 2 of Project Veritas of Bernie Sanders Campaign staff

I think the Bernie Bros have a right to be angry but their anger is misdirected. The establishment Democrats have been working to take their guy down and successfully did so once already. They should focus less on Trump and his supporters and more on their establishment counterparts.


That I can agree with…

All you need to undo Bernie in the general is to run ads consisting of videos like that, and easy to read and digest context info. Bernie will surely bring defeat to the Dems.
Go Bernie!

You post an article claiming an association between Trump and a mass shooter based on so-called echos in rhetoric. But a would be mass political assassin and an advocate of forced reeducation camps both of whom were so inspired by Bernie’s rhetoric they volunteered to work for his campaign requires proof they have anything to do with him. :roll_eyes:

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