Bernie Sanders briefed by US officials that Russia is trying to aid his campaign

Oh no, we’re not gonna have another 4 years of ‘Them dang’d Russkies are interfering in our elections’ claptrap are we? I’m afraid that your political classes and their agencies are making a once-great country the laughing stock of the world.

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Just a cotton-pickin’ minute; if the Russians helped The Donald (Rep) to win the last presidential election, but are now backing Sanders (Dem) in this one, why have they changed their mind? Or am I missing something?

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I’m sure nobody will tell me! Sometimes when I’m on PB I feel more like I’m on the Mary Celeste. :grimacing:

That’s because this a fake news BS story! You might spend a little more time checking the veracity of your sources before posting them!

Yeah, just like the original was. Tell that to the FBI.

This wasn’t a story propagated by the FBI you knucklehead! If you didn’t have a reading impediment I might actually provide sources that proves what I am saying is correct! But seeing you don’t read and are perfectly content to wallow in your ignorance, why bother?

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Y’know, I’ve come across quite a few obnoxious gits in all my years on messageboards but you and TWR make them all seem congenial to a fault.

There you go again with your BS victimhood game. Same shite different day with you! Learn to read!

If you can’t accept the criticisms of the OP’s you post, then maybe it’s not your thing to start such conversations here.

Er, elicit?? :roll_eyes:

Yep! You got me there Einstein! :rofl:

Funny how you can spot a typo but your incapable of reading comprehension to know when a story is fake or not! Can’t make this shit up! It’s pretty hilarious! No wonder why no one here likes engaging with you on any topic, you are just too dense to figure it out!

Oh no…some worthless country is buying ads on Facebook…meanwhile we literally have Voice of America and Armed Forces Radio blaring in countless countries…but ads on social media are meddling in our elections :rofl:

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I wonder if the Russians were propping Bernie up when he was hammering HRC during the last cycle.


lol Like ads on FB make any difference to a country’s elections when 95% of its membership don’t even know what politics is never mind analyse the ads thence to make up their minds.

The propaganda on Facebook is already becoming insufferable, and no doubt it’s all homegrown. So the CIA repeats (or creates) a rumor on the russkies and shazam! It’s the end of our democracy.

Of course, everyone in the propaganda press are wringing their hands like it’s 10,000 nukes launched. The russkies are the least of our worries.


They are banking on a small subset of idiots in this country buying into this nonsense hook, line, and sinker. Sadly, that means a few million idiots out there spewing garbage that the Russians are running elections in this country.



Putin probably doesn’t give a fuck who the next president will be, that’s the funny part? :rofl: