Bernie or the Tiger

So it’s obvious that the mainstream moderate part of the Democratic Party is desperate to run a mainstream moderate as their nominee.

So here is what I say to them – if you want to run a moderate, you have to impeach Trump. A moderate Democrat like Biden can beat Pence in the general. He can’t beat Trump, though. To beat Trump, you need a nominee that will enflame the hard left, including every single 18 year old kid in America. You won’t get that with Biden.

Now, on the other hand, if you don’t have the courage to impeach Trump, you can’t have your moderate. You’ll have to have Bernie, or someone just as far left and charismatic and principled as he is.

If Trump’s still in there whipping the crazy red base in 2020, it will take a Bernie to beat him.

So impeach Trump, or get behind Bernie or some other far left candidate.

These are the options. Pick one.

“If democrats want to win, Drumpf must be impeached”

Love the enthusiasm. I guess trump 2020 it is.

Didnt you hear, Bernie just dropped the ball

Please, by all means run as hard left as possible in 2020 so republicans can really clean up.

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Kind of hard to cut a deal when the people making the impeachment decisions aren’t the people who will vote on a nominee. Also, while Biden’s not my choice seems early to say for sure that Trump would beat him (or any potential nominee) in the general. You may be right, of course. But I don’t think we can blame the moderates for sins they haven’t even committed.

Besides, even hard core lefties disagree about impeachment. I’m lukewarm for it. Josh thinks the investigations are more important and that it’s too early to impeach. People who post here and are routinely to the left of me have said they trust Pelosi’s judgment on this.

To the extent there’s an anti-Bernie movement emanating from within the party – this will always be the case. There will always be friends of the Clintons funding “stop Bernie” campaigns and there will always be articles like this:

But this is a feature, not a bug. Bernie’s an outsider by choice. If you love him, you have to love that.

Of course, its quite a lucrative choice

Jeez, how many houses do you really need, Bernie? Give us a break. You can’t have it all.

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My college govt class is showing promise in regards to this. Every day they question the left, call them out for being racist, unfair, hypocritical. Its enjoyable to watch them get red pilled. I think the young people might go red and stick to what’s logical.

WHAT ? WHAT ??? This commie turd tells taxpayers he is going to GIVE AWAY their hard earned dollars , yet he barely gives 10 % of HIS EARNINGS to charity !!! A MILLIONAIRE who preaches about the rich paying higher rates but refuses to pay the top rate he wants others to pay . Is he still covering for his wife and that scam she pulled ??? Principled my AZZZZZZZ !!!

Biden isn’t a moderate unless you let loose any anchors that might give the terms like Left, Moderate and Right any meaning and just let them be judged be in relation to whatever the far Left is doing right now.

There is nothing that remains of the old extreme Left that is extreme to them anymore. Biden may not have slouched as far towards the far Left of the DNC as some but then again he may just be better at hiding it.

In any event, anyone who has got far in the DNC should be considered suspect and flatly opposed.

I just wish the RNC wasn’t so full of promise breaking Quislings who act like their job is to get along with Democrats.

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I used to think that Biden was the only shot the Democrats have in beating Trump in 2020, I dont think that anymore.

I think with all the stuff coming up on Biden with touchy feeling creepy thing towards women, Trump is a master at exploiting these indiscretion as he learned from the master Roy Cohn.

Biden would have been the safest choice for the Democrats as he has the most experience and being Obama’s VP.

Warren wont make it, Beto has disappeared, Bernie will challenge, Harris will be tainted because of the Jussie hoax, Booker is just a small fry, Gillibrand most likely will be someone running mate.

Buttgieg. too young and openly gay, America isnt not ready for a open gay president
Gabbard too young , none of these candidates can win a battle against Trump .

Like Ive mentioned earlier I believed there was two Democrats that could be beat Trump in 2020

  1. was Biden and now with his recent revelations Im not sure if he will win the party’s nomination
  2. Caroline Kennedy, but she isnt running.

Trump will win 2020

Bernie is too old, he might be popular but there is no way he wins the Democrat Nomination

All the other little democrat marxist probably gonna do a number on old birn!