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I don’t think the conservative position on Google is well established. What bills have been introduced regarding Google? Is there 1? Two? Ten?

We could list 100 regarding the things that progressive liberals want regulated.

As for me… I don’t want the government to regulate Google beyond requiring it to be labeled an arm of the left and held to the same standards as any other political entity.


You made a statement.

I replied in non question format.

You did not provide an answer about competition, rather posed a question.

Then asked how your “answer” contradicted your original argument.

Pretty convoluted when you could just simply have a direct discussion without playing games.


You are right, there haven’t been any bills introduced to regulate Search Engines or Social Media. I hope there never is.

Libs do like a lot regulation and I am vehemently against it.

To your last point, I don’t think they should be labeled as a political branch… any more than I think Fox should. Should we regulate any donors to a political party, like Defense Contractors, as a political arm of republicans?


Yep. Transparency. Net numbers on donations by employees… including money laundering through PACs. We don’t need to violate individual privacy… just net results.

Libs have proven that they will interject their political views into their job. They have been brainwashed into thinking the safety of the free world depends on it. Observe the liberal courts and SCOTUS justices too.


Just curious. Why are you against vehemently against regulation?

Is there any regulation you are for which is current? If so what?


I agree we should have transparency with political donations. But that’s regulating the donations and not the company. You suggested labeling google as a political entity and I am against that for any company that doesn’t explicitly meet criteria for a political entity (if such criteria even exists).

I will always lean towards less regulation.


My focus was on transparency… not regulation.
Let it be known that Google search engine’s algorithm developers, architects, and programmers and those who set up the tables and parameters that it uses do so in accordance with their personal opinions as to what is appropriate to show.


Have you got a particular problem with the 1st Amendment or just jews?


Google has an effective monopoly and can assert more control over the flow of information than the gov’t, they have become in effect their own government being the enabler and arm of a single party.

Their ability to squelch the free exchange of information and ideas is staggering.


The billions or trillions required to develop and launch a competitive search engine and the years or decades of R&D that would be required to do so.


I don’t think that is true… I’ve never ran into a situation where I couldn’t find a libertarian article or idea on google. I don’t think there is anyway to prove that bias anyway.


They are powerful but that doesn’t mean they use that power suppress certain views.


Apple can create their own search engine if they wanted to, but they choose to use google. Why?

They have the money. They also took on google on their maps product when google had years of a head start.


The evidence clearly shows that they do.


I’ve never seen any, can you share it? I am open to the idea because it doesn’t seem too far fetched.


Why should they take the risk with so much capital putting the survival of the company in jeopardy?

Would that be in their stockholders’ best interests?

Apple makes billions simply by producing devices and the software to run them and has their own captive clientele as a result.

Starting a war with the biggest corporation on the planet would be foolish.


Have you ignored all of the congressional hearings on the subject>?


They’ve already went to war with google. Over their maps product. They removed google maps as their default and went on to develop their own. That was a faaaaar bigger undertaking than creating a search engine. They had to purchase thousands of cars outfit them with HD 360 cameras and drive billions of miles. The investment was staggering, but they still did it.

What is stopping them from building their own search?


That isn’t remotely true. Producing maps is very straightforward and relies on existing satellite and topo maps that were already in production.

Creating a search engine is a massive undertaking that requires the creation of bots that can scour the internet for information, more to catalogue and categorize it, and the fastest supercomputers on the planet to run it so you can get accurate results in fractions of a second.


I watched every second of that joke of a hearing. There was zero evidence proved by anyone that showed google was manipulating search results at the expense of conservative views.

Let’s face it… conservative and libertarian (my views) views aren’t that popular. However if I searched libertarian authors I would get many search results. If I searched government shutdown… I bet my first result would be Fox News.

Well look is here: