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So you did ignore them. Thanks for making that clear.


Those linked articles have not shown that search results have been manipulated. They were discussing reclassifying of Briebart as an opinion blog when held up against MSNBC and Fox.

Again I just searched government shutdown and my first result is The Hill and Fox News.

Can libs now claim google to be bias because my search results didn’t bring up MSNBC?

Search algorithms heavily weight towards popularity… I will never see a libertarian view on the government shutdown by simply searching “government shutdown” but if I searched “libertarian view on government shutdown” I am more likely to get the results I desire.


The leftist/globalist free speech suppression by tech giants is real. Google is not even hiding it’s bias, 9 out of 10 google doodles are politically charged since 2014 (Sochi olympics gay logo). It’s the reason we changed the domain from freebird after all. You can also read story.


You didn’t even scan the articles. One of them specifically shows how google’s autocomplete specifically controls the results you’ll see.


Yes I read that too.

Again if I want to find a specific person, article, object… I specifically search for that by typing the right language. If I want google to do all of the thinking for me… I search for something generic like “government shutdown”. Auto fill doesn’t change that fact

It’s really simple.


You don’t seem to understand what a search engine is. It’s supposed to provide you options when you don’t know exactly the proper wording to type in to get a specific result.


I know search engines very well.

Again I showed you a screenshot of my search of “government shutdown”

The first 2 articles presented were Fox News and The Hill. No CNN, NBC, MSNBC, HuffPost, WashingtonPost in sight.

That is a generic search that gave generic results. Here another, when I searched conservative… here is what I got:


Which of course shows nothing.

Fox is the number one most popular source in cable news, of course it’s going to come up with such a neutral search term.


Here is what I get.

It seems to me google main choice for information is always MSNBC NBC CNN for video…and the Hill, BBC Washington Compost and NYSlime for print.

Now let me ask you this…I keep seeing that pressure is on repugs to end shut down…why isn’t their pressure on libs to end the shut down by compromising and securing our border?

Oh wait…I know why.


Google can create self fulfilling prophesy then.


Nah just because they’re blatantly redirecting traffic doesn’t mean they get to decide what’s popular. Oh wait.


Exactly…by creating their own algorithms they are determine what become popular.

The print been doing that for decades…hell centuries, then then boob tube with networks.

Same thing just another platform to do it on.


If you can control the information people are exposed to you can control what they think and believe.

This has been known as long as we’ve had civilization itself.


And libs try to say “LoL… you apparently dont understand how computer algorithms work”

Or maybe some of us understand all too well. As is typical, the libs lack the understanding.


Actually I don’t…but what I can see is product itself.

When I was young I remembers the most trusted man in America telling people how in humane hunting and trapping was…and then the bottom fell out for fur prices.

Because after majority were against that way of life. I learn early on the power of media and ability to control it equals power…and repercussion on those that don’t have that access.


Killing off the fur industry has had a horrible effect on game populations because now the predator populations are out of control


Every time I see dead coon on side of the road I go there is wasted 40/45 dollars.

That was how much I was getting per hide back in early to mid 70’s. Good money for 12/13/14/15/16 year old boy at the time.


Exactly, and that market was what kept predator populations in check for centuries.

The market fluctuated a lot but there were times when I could get as much as 250.00 for a coyote or 500.00 for a premium quality bobcat.

Most of the time coons would only bring 15.00-30.00 but when minimum wage was 2.85 or less that was huge money.

Even more importantly it gave rural kids something positive to do which consumed many hours and kept us out of trouble.

My dad contributed savings for all of our educations but by the time I went to college I had put away more than 10k from furs alone and quite a bit more from my ag projects.

Between that and the VA earning two BS’s and a Master’s Degree wasn’t all that painful.



An emotional rant from someone trying to put Jews into a separate special category.


There are only three recognized races, African, Asian, and Caucasian. Jews are white.

In the US they are also recognized as a minority group on the basis they are discriminated against solely because they are Jews.