Beautiful White Teen Dies in Her Mother’s Arms After Getting Stabbed by Her Vibrant Aztec Coworker

Correct, the history of humanity is replete with violence. Native Americans fought amongst themselves and they made peace treaties amongst themselves. The eastern tribes were quite advanced and the founders borrowed on some of their political systems.

But what’s your larger point, that because native Americans at times fought amongst themselves that it was fair game for Europeans to come over and engage in genocide against them?

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The point is, greed, lust, jealousy, coveting, is part of the human condition. We have been killing each other since our ancestors left the trees. Contrary to what Liberals want to believe, this behavior is really not Trump’s fault. I must still research to be sure Trump did not sink the Titanic or cause the Black Plague.

Yeah, I don’t know anybody claiming that all that is Trump’s fault.

Well, you cannot possibly know every Liberal.

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Am I reading you right?
Don’t you mean black muggers?

Black on black violence is legendary.

A country which can send men to the moon can deal with violent criminals, but it won’t. Why?
There is something fishy about America’s high crime rate.

Another point. “Native Americans” were not the first in the Americas.
“Native Americans” genocided “Native Native Americans.”

No, I meant what I said.

Actually, you don’t. You didn’t ignore them in this thread, for example.

You get insulting remarks because your posts are stupid and insulting. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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As I don’t see anything valuable coming from you anytime soon.

People who engage other posters as “stupid” as you regularly do are not only violating forum rules, but the rules of civility. You cannot quote me ever calling you or anyone else stupid.

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You made up that lie too.

Never have I called you stupid.


Something tells me you’re not an advocate of ‘All human life is precious unto god’ Jim? Am I right, or am I right? :wink:

Why the fuck don’t you guys bring Alcatraz back to life for these mutants? But first of all, infect it with the Ebola virus; then drop them off there and forget all about them? It won’t cost the US taxpayer a silver dollar?

I prefer feeding them into a wood chipper feet first but with properly applied and located tourniquets to ensure they are conscious throughout.

Rehabbing Alcatraz would cost tens of billions of dollars at least.

“Innocent life” is precious, the lives of capital offenders are meaningless.

If they repent and beg forgiveness in their last moments on earth their reward will be in heaven, not here.

Why don’t you give us a list of say 5 beautiful, young, white girls who have committed similar grisly murders over the last decade?

There is behavior that immediately divorces one from the human race; and if no longer human, you no longer deserve to be treated as human.

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One of my favorite axioms.

“The value of your life is determined by how you live it”.

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Why revamp Alcatraz; just dump em there and drop food once a month. Bread & water. They’d probably eat the weakest sooner or later. Every so often air drop ten or fifteen 55 gallon drums of raw sewage from 2,000 feet. Just to keep em active & moving. Surprise them like they surprised their victims. Night would be best.

Which would of course pretty well violate most of the criminal code and our constitution.

We aren’t that kind of country and never will be.

[quote=“TWR, post:85, topic:6964, full:true”]

“Innocent life” is precious, the lives of capital offenders are meaningless.

If they repent and beg forgiveness in their last moments on earth their reward will be in heaven, not here.[/quote]

And anyone who believes that will believe anything - even NASA’s codswallop. Oh but you do, doncha? :grin: