Be Aware of Mike Bloomberg's Misleading Gun Control Ads

It should be no surprise to anyone that Michael Bloomberg has been running anti gun ads on TV in multiple states, however when fact checking the content of some of these ads that are not only misleading (this is being done on purpose) but he is also misrepresenting the facts. Some are already calling him out on these, but more needs to be done to call him out on his hypocrisy as well.


Bloomberg is one of the primary reasons why Virginia flipped blue. He funded so many campaigns in the state and put countless anti-gun lunatics at every level of government throughout Virginia.

That is correct, and he has unlimited resources to do more in other states, which is why he needs to be called out for his misinformation campaign that he is waging through the media. Bringing awareness of this blatant propagandist asshat needs sturdy vigilance to seize the narrative and not allow him to continue to get away with it.

The crying mother in Bloomberg’s ad was a complete fabrication. Her shitbag gangbanger son was 20 and was killed in a gang fight he willingly went to participate in.

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That’s known as lying by omission. Libs are good at that. If you deliberately put yourself in harms way, you tempt fate.

I believe Bloomberg has 10 or 12 armed bodyguards; but then he’s special. When he squats for a dump, he shits ice cream.

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This is elitism on display for everyone to see! What is good for me isn’t good for thee!


Tucker Carlson made excellent points in that video. I’m always amazed how people in the anti-gun lobby movement can sit there and lie with a straight face. He was presented with a clear double standard and the best he could come up with was that since other people have more money and are of interest to the public that a different set of rules applies to them. At least he admitted it.

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There is no miss information , what did he say that wasn’t true, forget the crap about what he didn’t say.

Go do some reading on the cited articles. The facts are there and Bloomberg misrepresented them!

Yup what he said were facts and I don’t care what Bloomberg said really

No its called you not liking the facts

You mean he has so many bodyguards because he went after the gun people and you know how those gun people are with their guns. In my opinion he should double his body guards

Confirmation bias much or were you born that way? You are free to disprove of the premise of the OP with actual facts instead of talking out of your ass here!

Ok fact should people worry about the right wing - in 2018 50 people were murdered in hate crimes , none of them were killed by Mexicans, blacks, Antifa, democrats or anyone on the left. all 50 were killed by right wingers. Nothing else has to be said about the right wing and killing people.

Other than the fact that your posts are completely void of any verifiable proof or evidence.

well looky looky that puts us in the same boat doesn’t it.

If you could be more clear that would be helpful to further the discussion. We all know that it isn’t law abiding gun owners that are the problem. Hell, there were thousands of them gathered in Virginia just a few weeks ago without any incident of violence. In fact, many of those law-abiding gun owners stayed long after the event to clean up the space and make it look better than how they found it.

Now tell me about Chicago.