Baby Boomers Need to Hurry Up and Die

Skilled hands. Electronics repair. Illegals typically are not skilled.

Personally, I agree. If they are just working because they are bored … not because they need income, then they are a drag on society, IMHO. What they SHOULD be doing if that is the case is volunteering their time to help others.

But maybe “I’m bored” is just a way to divert attention from the fact that they are not as well off as they appear.

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I’ll take the soul crushing system of oppression rooted in voluntary exchange and voluntary participation over the vile ideological garbage of any form of collectivism any day of the week.


And what do you have to offer that is of value to society? Why would someone want to hire someone like you who blames their problems on someone else?

Who are you to judge their motives or their needs?

Maybe the reason they have the jobs instead of your hypothetical young people is because they do their jobs well?

You have no idea what my position is. You make the stupid and incorrect assumption that I am a leftist. I am not. I never supported King ■■■■■■ Obama or any of those DNC shills. I am backing Yang because I want to accelerate collapse. He’s just the guy to do it.

My thing is… I shouldn’t even have to be wishing for acceleration. I should be focused on more positive and constructive things but the Boomers have permanently fucked this gay Earth to death. So acceleration it is.

I see. You suffer from magical thinking that somehow something worthwhile will just appear once there’s this collapse. It’s really just a variation on the magical thinking of the far Left that you say you’re not part of.

So in other words you are just a nihilist at heart and don’t really stand for anything, you are not a leftist nor are you a conservative! Yeah! Gotcha!

You are right I don’t know what your position is, but I do know is you sound like a typical moronic millennial that doesn’t know his ass from its elbow

You are repeating rhetoric and that doesn’t make you intelligent

and you just illustrated my earlier point, you have no idea what youre talking about and backing Yang is just the icing.

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I know I feel that way a lot lately. It’s kind of like feeling the things are just so bad that the only way to fix them is to hit the reset button on everything. I don’t think that makes someone a nihilist. To me it makes them a realist.

The only way to undo a lot of the damage that’s been done is to go hardcore to the right and don’t look back. The problem with that is people who say that they are on the right don’t actually support what needs to be done to get America back on track.

So what’s left to do?

Yeah I am not buying into that argument! Especially when their racist rhetoric is being used to prop up such angst!

What is left to do? Where are you people? Where are the voices to be heard? Sitting behind computers hoping someone one else does it? I see leftist out in the streets, but where is the right? Working jobs, raising families? If wishing the collapse of society is all you got, then I got news for you, if you think things are bad now, wait until it really collapses and the change that most of these idiots are rambling on about is not going to magically happen over night. It could be a life time if any at all, at least the kind of change you are eluding to.

Is that you AOC…Keep it up and I will die…laughing​:rofl:


I didn’t say that was the best option. I just said it seems to be a realistic option, or maybe better said…an unavoidable one.

If you recall, the left is allowed to march and protest. We aren’t allowed to do that. We get called racist, we get doxxed, we lose our jobs, we get out families threatened, and the left gets to do all of this without penalty.

I think this is more about knowing the score. Right now we are losing.


Don’t forget about getting hit in the head with bike locks. The left can split your skull open and assault you with a deadly weapon and get off without a slap on the wrist.

A realistic option? I am not sure about that. An unavoidable one? Maybe, its possible, but I am not one wishing it to happen.

What is more important fighting for the future of the country or your job? The left gets to do what ever they want because we allowed them to. Sometimes looking in the mirror is harder to do, but it is necessary in taking corrective action!

You are right, but if the Right continues to be mired in apathy then they already lost. Its a basic law of averages in the bigger picture of things. If one side refuses to put up a fight then what is left to be done? What is even the point? Allow the Commucrats to rule you? Submit to tyranny? Doesn’t sound like standing on principles to me and if the latter continues on its current trajectory then it turns into every man for himself at that point!

As the saying goes:

"A Hero only dies once
A coward dies a thousand times over!"

In previous threads I’ve seen you mention that you are living overseas right now. All of this is very easy for you to say if you aren’t living here. You get a pass on participation, but it looks like you are demanding that everyone else participate and be willing to lose their jobs. How about you?

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Well that explains a lot. An expat telling other people who haven’t abandoned their country to step up.


And there it is…

What you make assumptions about me and what my interests are? I have news for you I do. Just because I live overseas doesn’t mean that what happens to my country doesn’t affect me. I very much have skin in the game and BTW did you serve your country? Well I did, so if you are trying to belittle me then you know what you can do with your participation reference. I am just not living paycheck to paycheck like some are I am self employed.

Oh did you worship the ground that he walked on?