Baby Boomers Need to Hurry Up and Die

Why do millennials want the baby boomers to hurry up and drop dead? Because boomers are holding back progress. Baby boomers are slaves to the concept of capitalism, which is a soul-crushing system of oppression. Let’s look at the top two issues facing millennials and the reasons why these issues are causing millennials to literally HATE baby boomers and want boomers to drop dead.

Home buying vs renting:
Very few educated millennials are buying a home or apartment. This really pisses off the boomers because the boomers can’t make money if no one is willing to buy their house. Many baby boomers bought nice big houses in the 80s or 90s for 200,000 dollars. That same $200,000 house is now worth a million dollars in many places. This is also why baby boomers favor open borders and mass immigration because immigrants tend to buy homes at a much higher rate than millennials. What kind of sociopath betrays their own children’s future and sells it out to foreigners?

Jobs not paying enough to survive:
Many baby boomers didn’t even go to college and yet they were able to get 100,000 dollar a year jobs. Meanwhile millennials go to college and get saddled with 50,000 dollars or 100,000 dollars of student loan debt, and on top of that most jobs barely pay them enough to barely survive. Millennials can BARELY afford to even rent, and yet baby boomers expect us to buy their shitty suburb mansions?

I cannot wait for the real estate market to collapse because it will cause a massive baby boomer suicide.


That’s hilarious. My brothers home in Boulder just went from 1.2 million when he bought it two years ago and is now worth 1.8, but you keep renting millenials lol. Your own first paragraph was self contradictory


Who will you blame for your failures when the boomers are gone snowflake?


I love the ones that are complaining about sky rocketing healthcare after they voted for Obama. Stupid shits voted for new entitlements not realizing later on they are the ones that have to pay for it.

All I can do is laugh…and maybe say I told you so. :wink:


My parents don’t love me: The OP.


Let me stop you right there…


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Ummm… OP is totally wrong .
Baby boomer here.
Sold my house a few years ago. Renting is less hassle. I want a big beautiful wall too.

I’m educated and was making $100K 30 years ago. I hate the real estate market too. Take your anger out on real estate people.

You are totally misled.

Uhhh hate to break it to you kid, but it’s dipshit millennials who’ve bought the progressive Dems’ "open borders ’ mantra. Boomers want a wall, maybe some minefields, etc. As to home values, it all depends on the supply and demand in any given location.
Millennials are just pouting that once they finished their emotionally over pampered childhood and adolescence, the world didn’t hand them a job offer commensurate with their wildly inflated self esteem.
Oh, and we didn’t destroy the earth and plunder it’s resources- WE BOOMERS passed the clean air act, created the EPA, raised CAFE standards etc.
You want to rise above Eraserhead status in the service gulag? make yourself worth more to an employer. If you have a degree in useless studies, you brought that on yourself.

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This thread is the result of letting the left get control of our educational system 30 years ago and the end of the traditional family where parents actually raised their kids with manners, values, and a work ethic.


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Why the heck would they love that crap?

I am a late boomer.

I have sold into two housing booms, there will be another after this one pops.

I found a way to get grad school for free, it involved work, not scholarships.
And I chose a degree that eventually started at $30K/yr and paid upwards of $150K per year. That does not include starting several companies.

Get off your ass, and do something that pays well. Thus it has always been.

Boomers are tougher than you snowflakes, and we don’t do requests.


That is some really sick thinking hoping for death to a generation and hoping they commit suicide.

These are people. Someone’s husband, wife, father, mother, grandparent.

Hate to break it to you but most started out renting, then saved for a down payment on a house they could afford. Building enough equity to be able to one day retire takes decades for most.

This opinion piece is about the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.


For some folks, it’s easier yelling out the window than yelling into the mirror.


How is it sick thinking? Boomers are all going to die one day, it’s a part of life. I just want the scourge of the Boomers to end as quickly as possible. There is nothing wrong with that inherently.

They started out renting - when they could start a family without a college education, a single income, on a living wage at a menial job. They were also able to buy houses for very little with those menial jobs.


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Ya see… what you don’t get is that those boomers had something of value to offer. Often one’s skilled hands are worth more than a brain full of facts. Or in my case, my skilled hands sufficed until I filled my head with knowledge… knowledge that was immediately useful to someone willing to pay more than what my hands were worth.

May I assume that YangGang is a millennial? What do you offer to society that is of value?

You were able to earn a living with your skilled hands because Boomers hadn’t yet flooded the country with illegals, taking up all of those manual labor jobs at lower rates of pay. Boomers hadn’t yet exported our manufacturing base in exchange for cheaper labor.

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My office is filled with approximately 30 women in their 60s, half of whom have wealthy husbands, who are also in their 60s, who work because: ”I’m bored”.

There’s 30 jobs that should be done by young people occupied by boomers and at least 15 of them don’t need the work.

Yeah - these people need to go.

want to talk about bullshit in the third degree, hey dumb fuck, you do know there are plenty of boomers in the rust belt, bible belt, and other parts of the country that are struggling, this is why medicare is growing broke and social security is on its way of being broke

the boomers who undertook their financial responsibilities are doing fine.
Millenials who undertook their financial responsibilities are also doing fine

Its the weak minded snowflakes like you who are whining, “oh there are no high paying jobs, or we cant buy houses because of the boomers and illegal immigrants” booo hooo hooooo

Hey its people like you who support the leeches like Bernie Sanders and AOC and idiots like Pelosi, Waters and other humps and humpettes as they are getting richer at your expense

Its funny how right wing conservative millennials on the average are getting ahead in life and some have made it into the 1% category as you dumb fucks with your useless college degrees in Transgendered dance studies are struggling?

Who is the dumb one?

dumb ass , that is what you get when you voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, he created all these jobs you keep telling us, and now youre admitting he created “shitty” low paying jobs vs what George Bush did.

And yet you praise Obama the great.


by the way some of the baby boomers that didnt go to college yet got jobs at liveable wages was the way life was until the 1960’s when the hippy acid dropping beatniks and their marxism started taking control of society.

You have no one to blame but yourself , meanwhile those of us who embraced right wing and conservatives policies either upgraded our skills to get higher paying jobs or became entrepreneurs

something your idiotic snowflake pansy generation refuses to embraces

Hope you enjoy your minimum wage job

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