Audio of President Trump Calling the Military and Veterans 'Losers'

Guys, this isn’t good. I was worried when the pussy grabbing tape came out prior to the 2016 election, but this tape is really bad. Listen for yourselves. This could completely erode the momentum Trump has had over Dementia Joe Biden since the beginning. I’m really worried about this.

Audio of Trump Calling the Military Losers


FUCK! He’s done now. What a total hecking nightmare! You’d think that after that pussy grabbing tape he would have learned to shut his mouth!

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I thought the whole time that this story was fake. What a mess.

There is no way his campaign survives this.

His only play now is to suspend his campaign and claim that he wants to spend more time with family.

Not even Sean Hannity can fix this.

Trump needs to act as if this doesn’t even exist and just roll right through any other obstacles that get in the way. He’s never going to give up.

He can just take a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook and explain how this was all a setup.

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I call BS! Go grab some Pussy!

What is the context? How do you know this audio is not doctored and put out there as a hit piece?


There is no way it has been doctored or altered in any way. The audio is clear. We all know what this means.

Yeah? How do you know? Are you an expert at detecting fake audio? Also this is cherry picked, what was the context to which he made those remarks? If indeed he said it, then he needs to explain.

I’m no expert but I know what I heard. I have no doubts that there will be lots of explanations around this in the morning as soon as the press gets their hands on this. Trump will need to thread this needle very carefully - but it doesn’t look good.

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I think you are and many here are over reacting. There is no way he would say something like that as a degradation and contempt when he just gave them millions. In other words, what is missing is context to this. Who released the video? Another cock sucking ■■■ soyboy looking for his 15min? Fk that shit!

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I hate all of you…immensely.

Shouldn’t you be busy “working” for all 2 of your subs on OnlyFans?


Why are you here then? Because you hate yourself even more?

Imagine the smell…


The MSM at it again with BS! People can read anything from this. If the audio was more lengthy you could hear what he’s probably referring to. This is just another attempt to keep their own base voters from leaving the plantation, which they are in droves. Don’t be gullible and get rolled.