Arizona Audit of 2020 Election

All I know is if the last 9 months are any sign of the next three years to come, let’s hope the election was fraudulent, and they get the boot.

And for the record since the MSM is already distorting things: there’s a difference between the audit and a count. The count shows that he won. The audit shows that there’s fraudulent ballots. Which means Joe Biden didn’t win.


The question is…will Brnovich issue arrest warrants for the guilty who engineered the stealing of our election? My guess is he already has them signed and sealed. Then will the legislators decertify? Yes they will. Then we go onto Georgia and Wisconsin.

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The liberals will attempt to say that cameras everywhere, examiners everywhere, meticulously counting every single legal vote, is less accurate than counting in the middle of the dark night, supposedly closed for the evening. Democrats are already denying what they have not even seen. They absolutely know the vote was stolen, all the way to the Presidency. The forces of evil around the world are close to takeover, and the democrat party supports them everywhere.

Do we dare say John James, perdue and the dumb blonde also won? That would be sweet .

Don’t want to be greedy

Watch live

Get your pop corn.

Here in Pa it considers itself like the Vatican, state within a state and corrupt as hell.

Flyer fans tell me philly is the state


Philly pols inflated egos belive that ,but there is strong opposition to them from the central rural areas of Pa. Their Liberal politics have contaminated the surrounding counties politics. Former Mayor and Governor Fast Eddie Rendell is similar to back slapping, dirty joke talking salesman.
Despite this its a great city with good Chinatown restaurants and shops, the Art Museum, Boathose Row and GREAT CHEESESTEAKS unmatched anywhere else. Great city to visit, but not to live.
Yes, I’m a big FLYERS FAN.

Are Americans still making the subs? In Boston the shops all hire illegals and the subs suck

As far as I know yes, come on down East. If you’re a history buff, Valley Forge is a 30 min drive. The Bruins are my number2 NHL TEAM. Used to listen to the games at night,as a teen when Icould pick up the radio station down here.

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As a kid Bruins Play by play used to put me to sleep. I’ve seen flyer fans start huge fights in Boston, nuts.

From what I’ve gathered, there is not enough data to definitively determine who won. The margin of victory is smaller than the number of unverifiable votes, and apparently the data to verify those votes is gone.

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Which is unconstitutional, more leans to fraud then legitimate. Senate should decertify, Georgia also erased data, decertify, Wisconsin, Michigan… etc… only explanation to erase is wrong doing

To summarize:

  • County officials fought against the audit.
  • County officials ignored subpoenas.
  • County officials refused access to peripheral equipment.
  • Counts were off. Regardless of who it benefits, shows a sloppy job.
  • Voting server shown to have outside internet access when they’re not legally allowed.
  • All server accounts shared a single password, like fucking retards.
  • Security updates over a year old.
  • Potentially 50k erroneous/invalid votes.
  • Chain of custody absolutely wrecked.
  • Mountains of data were deleted.
  • Duplicate voter IDs for different people.

It’s a fucking circus.

This is just one county in one state. Can you imagine how shit our system is as a whole?

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Wait until they audit Cobb county, I hear Milwaukee is worse. Then Michigan… we have illegitimate president, Illegitimate House of Representatives. Banana republic

Trump lost. Biden won. Get over it.

Any evidence Biden won?

Yeah - now why don’t you go join your friends and murder preborn babies to celebrate.

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Maricopa County purged the machine records the day before the audit started.