Are We On the Brink of Revolt?

The big club of the COC and their donor dollars!

Take McConnell for example, how does this guy keep getting elected every freaking term? Him, Romney, and McStain (posthumously) are the poster child’s on why term limits are desperately needed, something our forefathers got wrong! We can also consider getting big money out of today’s politics, that certainly would go towards leveling the playing field.

I used to be against term limits thinking that the voter was the term limit.

What do you mean the “that the voter was the term limit”?

If no one voted to re-elect Nancy Pelosi she would no longer hold office, yes?

Yes that is correct. So in essence the voter decides when their elected representative’s term is finished. I get it now. But to remark on your past tense reference “used to think” is a bit profound when contemplating why term limits are needed. Politicians in office hate to give up power, especially Democrats and RINO’s so the term “gerrymandering” is something I see referenced a lot to suggest that maybe the voter no longer has that power, and thus why a large contingency of voters have given up on voting altogether because they are resigned to believing that.


Correct again.

The voter does have that power. They just are not using it. Or, perhaps they are voting or exactly what they want.

In theory, and according to our rights, yes the voter does have the power, but again cynicism and apathy has taken a toll on the average voter’s beliefs and faith in the system. Is it broken? Is there rampant Voter fraud happening? IMO, yes I do believe its happening especially when you look at this past election cycle voting results particularly in districts in California and Arizona, also not to mention what happened in Florida. Also consider the new electronic voting machines that are being used, then its easy to see why the skepticism is warranted in which to suggest there are too many ways where its easy to manipulate election results.

Why would apathy take a toll when the voter holds the power?

I would postulate that it is apathy and complacency that has allowed us to get where we are today.

Because they no longer believe that the votes are being correctly counted, the results are rigged. Do you not submit to acknowledging that voter fraud is being perpetuated on a large scale?

Yes I agree for the most part, but this premise applies to every aspect of our societal attitudes in general.

No, but I do believe many believe their vote doesn’t count in the big scheme of things.

In some ways it does. Look at all of the backlash against the implementation of the ACA (ObmaCare). Yet, it got rammed down our throats anyway.

Then we voted for people who would overturn it. Except they dithered around forever on it.

The politicians no longer fear the power of the voters. Rather, the voters fear the power of the politicians.


Well I would argued in the 2010 midterms which was probably one of the largest congressional defeats for the Democrats in US History was the emergence of the Tea Party movement that the ACA created, in which now the Tea Party was mostly neutralized by the establishment Republican’s. What happened to Grover Norquist, and the Tea Party in today’s political landscape?

More on a profound larger thought in terms of arriving at finding solutions or why we seem to not want to is a quote from Jonathan Haidt that seems to hit on the mark:

“Our righteous minds
Unite us into teams
divide us against other teams
and blind us to truth”

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Mass voter fraud doesn’t exist. If it did you and any other conspiracy theorist would proved evidence showing actual votes that were casted by someone ineligible to vote.

Cons jumped all over this

Only to find out they were lied to… oops

A Republican became President… that’s what happened to the tea party.


MASS voter fraud… 1100 cases?! Over how many years? Let’s assume it was just ALL in 2016…

There were over 120 million votes casted in 2016

That’s .00000917% of all votes casted in 2016 were consider fraudulent.

California is a sanctuary state. That state is hiding and protecting illegal voters.

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Prag and the left love to play down the illegal vote.

No one know how many illegals are in the US.
No one know knows how many illegals vote.

No one wants to really know neither answer as it’s ignored by the media, downplayed by the left effectively eliminating any attempt to discover other.

Why do you think the left wants no status for citizenship on the Census?

  1. They want illegals to respond to the census for headcount.
  2. They don’t want the country to know how many illegals are really in the US.

All true. And everyone knows it.

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