AOC is on the way to being a millionaire


Netflix wants subversive AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) to become a star, even as she launched her bizarre Green New Deal, which seeks to end air travel, affordable energy, and rebuild all the structures in the nation.

The film company spent $10 million for rights to a documentary about young upstarts running for Congress starring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NY Post reports.

The film, “Knock Down the House,” followed four women vying for office during the 2018 election cycle.

The website said it was the largest sum ever brokered at a film festival for a documentary. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The media loves these Socialists. Like Michael Moore, they probably see this lunatic as a President one day. They will spend any amount of money to make it happen, prop her up, and make her into something she is not — a leader.

“Knock Down the House” has won Sundance’s Festival Favorite Award.

These Hollywood types are disgusting. They will foist these ignorant little Socialists on America and ruin the country.


Good - I hope they dump millions of dollars right into her pockets. Even stronger argument that socialism doesn’t work and that she’s nothing but a hypocrite.




How much is she being paid?


It’s being kept very quiet.


Netflix paid the filmmaker. Not the subjects of the documentary.


Really a shame to see Netflix is nothing more than Hollywood-Lite. They had potential.


It is nothing but an extension of the liberal hollywood.

Recently netflix signed a deal with the Obama’s. This is just another example of their attempts to indoctrinate America just as Hollywood does.


Wait a second here.

End air travel?

I am rethinking this. Ending air travel is rather appealing, even if the rest is garbage.





Ending Air travel ,right??? and how exactly do you build a bridge between Europe and America?

Is she advocating building Titanic like ships to go across the ocean?
how exactly does she get Europe and the rest of the world to go along with this green energy and let go airplanes

How does she plan on getting the sultans and monarchs of the Middle east who treat women like second class citizens to give up their private jets?

I cant see Al Gore and his liberal buddies giving up their private jets or will they be exceptions and grandfathered in?

AOC , she is a nut job

and by the way when that movie/documentary becomes a hit and AOC earns more than 10 million dollars, I assume she give up most of it for taxes, you know paying your fair share?


Marx is to blame for socialism being driven from from the top down. He misjudged who his slogan “Workers of the World Unite” would appeal to.

It is the deadbeats, the ones on the dole, the entitlement class that wants socialism. The fucking workers are busy earning their pay, paying taxes to those with useless degrees in Astrotransgenderology, and contributing to society. They are not the perpetually angry libs that Marx hoped would rise up. THEY - the perpetually disgruntled lib indoctrinated deadbeats - dont want to be workers.

Fuck you Karl. :smile:


the Unemployed and unemployable proletariat is the problem with socialism, they certainly don’t want to work and contribute to democratic socialism

The one thing that the Soviet Union got right ( I cant believe Im saying that) but the one thing they got right was instituting “parasite laws”

They were trying to punish deadbeats and leeches but of course as with any legislation people figured out ways around it


I believe it. The greatest proponents of socialism are often the first to be used as fuel in the fires of revolution. Yep… there is some consolation in knowing that the idiot creeps that vote in socialism will pay a big price for doing so.


I think she will quickly retreat from public life. There’s just no way that if she gets that kind of money she’s going to want to part with it. As soon as she takes it and keeps it her whole position gets shot to hell.


It is like that little hole in the wall restaurant that has a waiting list an hour long.

Someone gets the big idea to remodel. No one comes.

They forget what made them successful in the first place.


She thinks high speed rail will replace air travel? :rofl:


Errr. Weather? Ummm tidal waves, hurricanes, hale?

We can’t even afford to keep our own bridges repaired :rofl:

What a freaking nutbag.

I really hope she keeps up her braying. She is the best thing that could happen to the Republican party.


Geeze, Max. You’re SUCH a PARTY POOPER. It IS possible (because AOC said so) and we shall name it the “bridge over troubled waters” in tribute to Simon and Garfunkel. Because you know water and electronics work together so well nevermind errr. oh yeah… Mother Nature with hurricanes, tidal waves and the like.

Gosh Max! It is because she has pretty lipstick, white teeth and knows how to mix a drink, okay? People forget common sense when in the presence of her greatness.

You just wait Max! We will have railroad tracks spanning the Pacific and Atlantic! :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:


Our country used to reward hard work and dedication. Now it rewards stupidity. Hopefully one day people put their foot down, but I probably won’t live to see that.


Clearly our of touch with reality.