AOC is on the way to being a millionaire


In the real world? Stupidity is not rewarded. The stupid get kicked to the curb.


AOC would name it after Ricky Martin what was that silly song he had a hit with something viva loca , whatever it was called that the name of the bridge between New york and London England

I wonder what she would do if ISIS blew up sections of the bridge?

so between her electric cars, green energy, no more air traffic, no nuclear, no coal burning or oil exploration and she is taxing the rich 70% , and Elizabeth the part time Indian wants to tax those whose net worth is over 50 million , and have a medicare for all

Yeah, someone should check her morning coffee to make sure it’s really coffee.



I wonder if her insane tax on the rich will take the back seat now?

What’s ironic is her love for socialism was just destroyed… capitalism wins again


You actually think she’s going to be paid to be the subject of a documentary?


People are generally compensated for the use of their likeness. It’s not uncommon.


Not for documentaries. Check it out.


She certainly is. Netflix just paid 10,000,000 for the film.


How do you know that they paid her?


It is likely she is not getting paid.

However, it is likely that the exposure, for those who like her message, will fund her campaign hoping for re-election in 2020.

As we all know, once you become one of the “elites” there is money to be made and power to be had. I can’t think of one person who came out of politics poorer than when they went in.


And if she were not being compensated the left, the media and she would be publicizing it to the max.


Very true,LouMan. I fully believe that through the exposure she will be compensated very well.


Can you say Atlas Shrugged?

Where is John Gault?


Consider the cost if Hillary had to pay for all of the positive airtime she got for free from the major media in this country.

Hell Trump got enormous benefit out of all of the negative press. He couldn’t have spent enough money to get that kind of exposure for himself and his proposed programs.