Antisemitism in Japan

Interesting how the Japanese focus on the wealth. The japanese antisemites seem to have made a friend in US Congress. Remember Incest Omar’s words …“it’s all about the benjamins” ?

Japan remains a very racist, bigoted country just as it has been for centuries unfortunately.

Japan isn’t upset with the ■■■■ because they don’t have any. ■■■■ don’t control Japanese media, academia, or finance. Japanese people have managed to keep their culture intact. They have also managed to largely resist hordes of third worlders demanding to immigrate. Interesting how a country can flourish and maintain their identity when they don’t have one particular group to deal with.

Japan hasn’t exactly flourished. US dollars rebuilt the country an propped up it’s economy for forty years, when we quit it collapsed and it took more than a decade for them to get back to where they were prior. Since then growth has been slow and they’ve barely avoided two major recessions/depressions through massive gov’t bailouts.

■■■■ did Fukushima

Oppenheimer was a ■■■
■■■■■■ hell bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I ain’t clicking that. I don’t think anyone else should either. Upload that somewhere trustworthy.

Like all ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ sites

Japan’s economy collapsed — so-called bubble burst — when the Rockefellers in cahoots with the Bank of Japan (owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, who else?) wanted it.
All central banks work hand in glove.
That’s why you need to expose and abolish the Fed

Ridiclous tripe.

Fukishima was caused by the perfect storm of a an earthquake, a tsnami, a faulty and badly outdated reactor design and a failure in the backup systems.

Bullshit. It was caused by bad monetary and tax policy combined with China’s rise as a manufacturing power which essentially broke the Japanese business mode.

No. earthquake didn’t damage anything.
But small nuke bombs made in Israel hidden in cameras did.
(The Israeli security company from Dimona)

There was a conscientious ■■■ from Morocco who exposed what the company was all about.

Of course Israelis and ■■■■ edit wikipedia, but the article will you an idea

That’s an utterly insane fantasy.

What caused the disaster was clearly proven during the investigation.

There are no miniaturized nukes, it’s physically impossible to produce one. For a nuke to chain and explode requires a substantial mass of uranium or plutonium and both require an even greater mass of shielding to keep from killing everyone involved.

Fukushima was blow up by a nuke, Israeli nuke to be precise, and didn’t melt down

More BS, what do you think you get when you get an eplosion of a concrete building caused by high pressure steam?

BTW, the smallest nuke ever produced weighed 54lbs.

Hide that in your mini cam.

Hydrogen explosion is the official explanation.
Hydrogen? It just makes a loud pop.

It takes a nuke bomb to destroy reactor building walls, several feet thick made from concrete.

Bullshit. All it takes is heat and pressure. The walls were still sanding.

Did the ■■■■ blow up Chernobyl as well?

I provided you the official explanation and you didn’t even bother to read it.

I can’t find the original interview

An “animation” put together by conspiracy nuts with an agenda and no evidence.