Antisemitism in Japan

The cooling system was damaged by the EQ, documented.

The backup pumps flooded due to the tsunami, documented.

The system to pull the fuel rods failed due to a lack of power, documented.

What happens to a runaway reactor is well documented and understood.

This was a slow motion disaster that played out over days, not a sudden explosion that surprised anyone.

The epitome of trolling: “Fukushima was caused by ■■■■■■

But because they lie about ■■■■ , these trolls will be permitted to remain.

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I think it was 51 pounds…but 54 is close enough.

The designation W-54 was based on the weight. There seems to be an error there.

No it wasn’t. The W54 came between the W53 and the W55, both of which were thermonuclear devices. The W54 was a boosted fission device and weighed slightly over 50 pounds.

The “54” was a series number, not the weight.

Hey, you can’t be right all the time! :rofl:

How small are nuke bombs?

Read your own citation. Unproven theory. The W54 is the smallest warhead ever produced and weighed just over 50lbs.

Ummm… as the Quora article says. excluding 4th generation…

The whole apparatus would likely still weigh 50 lbs.

Which in no way even resembles the steam cloud over Fukishima.

That “OWL” looks like a fairly standard long path IR gas cell detector form factor. I’ve seen similar used in a force protection function looking for any unexpected and dangerous trace quantities of chemicals.

Reminds me of more modern NBC gear and the kind of stations we see set up to monitor air quality, particularly around refineries and chemical plants.

The owl can hide many things inside.

Why is he not allowed to be interviewed inside the prison state called Israel?

In what country do we see interviews of people convicted of treason or espionage? I can’t remember any.

One of the conditions of his release is that he not give any interviews, if he does it can be treated as a parole violation and he’s likely to spend the rest of his life in solitary.

He served his sentence. He is a free man, supposedly

No he isn’t, he’s on parole read your own damned cited article from Wiki.

Why is it a treason to expose the fact that the country is producing nuke illegally.
If you say ■■■■ are beyond any law, it’s your perception of justice

He is not allowed to meet a “foreigner” according to damn wikipedia, which is against human rights

Exactly. And there likely is a standoff detection function as well. I was briefed on a new product (when it was new) when I was working standoff CBRN detection for helicopters. Like any capability, you can put it on a helicopter but in practice, no one wants to carry the weight required for that.

No it isn’t. He’s on parole, they get to make the rules just like they do when you are in prison.

He’s a convicted traitor with classified information, he should never again have any opportunity to leak it.