Anti-ICE Protestor Goes Insane

Fcuk, this thot never got a pony for her 21st and went fcukin crazy. :joy::ok_hand:t2:


Why do I get the feeling that the dude in purple is deep under cover, trolling the left? Like he wore the most ridiculous dress and giant tits he could think of and highlighted the fact that he’s bald (like fucking Larry from Three Stooges) just so he could rub it in their faces. They have to accept zer as one of them and as a serious person.

Or maybe he’s a legit weirdo and Poe’s Law is strong.

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She’s crazy but I’d hit it and quit.

lol It’s a sad day when a Mexican shitlib out-thots TPUSA shitlib (((Ashley St. Clair))) aka’ Sex Laptop.

These days, it’s impossible to troll the left. How can you parody what’s already a paordy? This guy is a Poe.

Why’d she start pole dancing? So random.

The thread title is incorrect. This Anti-ICE protestor displayed a preexisting condition. She’s been insane for a long while.

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Nothing like a sock and duct tape can’t handle.

Did I just say that out loud?

When you see shitlibs throwing around terms like “Privilege” and “Privileged Shit”–they get weirded out.

He was talking about the balding transvestite in the purple dress.

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Seriously? :grimacing: :rofl:


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Just remember this folks, this is what the left is trying to pass off as normal and natural. Anyone with a lick of common sense and at least one eyeball in their head will see that these people are anything but normal. They are mentally deranged and should be put in an asylum.

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It is like the psycho ward lost a few permanent residents. :flushed:

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Don’t you remember in the '80s liberals told us that it was cruel and unusual punishment to lock up all of the nut jobs and we had to set them free. This is what we get. They needed a bunch of crazy people to suck up their welfare programs and get hooked on drugs.

Now they’re doing the same thing with all these damn illegals at the border. They want us to set them free.

Yup…I see it from the flip side. It is cruel and unusual punishment to have to see them out in public places. I can’t even imagine having to tell a child (the “it” in the purple dress)…, “honey, don’t STARE!” And then having to try to explain it.

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We should see this as a GOP ad all over the country during the 2020 election in city, state and federal campaigns.


Could you imagine? The dang girl was humping a street sign while Larry from the 3 Stooges filmed the whole thing in drag. The world has gone crazy!


Great idea Roxie. Someone should make a video along with the crackpots dressed up like handmaidens. All of the sick stuff the democrats have come to represent. It would probably have to be rated R. Actually, I’m not even sure it would be allowed on TV…:thinking:


I suspect she has a recently acquired chemical imbalance courtesy of her local drug dealer.

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So much of it would have to be bleeped to run on TV I’m not sure the message would get out effectively, but then again, that might just help.

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