Another Police Shooting, Another Protest: Cop knocked out COLD by thrown brick… Kenosha, WI

Have to admit, this is pretty controversial, when all the cop had to do was stop the man from going to the inside of his vehicle. The perp decided it was a good idea not to comply with the LEO’s demands, therefore the argument before us is: was this murder or was the officer’s life in danger? You decide!

Here is the video of the shooting. This happened in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Now as a result of this shooting, riots and mayhem has broken out in Kenosha.

Someone threw a brick at an officers head and he is knocked out cold. Then the rioters clap their hands rejoicing.

They tried to taser him first. Something must have transpired previous to that and then for him to walk away when guns were trained on him was a bad move. Reaching down into his car was an even worse move. He could have been going for a gun.

At least a half dozen witnesses said that the man had tried to break up a fight between the two women outside a home at 2805 40th St. and that police had attempted to use a Taser on the man prior to the shooting. Then, they heard at least seven gunshots ring out.

Kenosha News

Man in serious condition after Kenosha Police officer-involved shooting

A man, identified as Jacob Blake, was in serious condition at a Milwaukee-area hospital after he was shot when officers were sent to the 2800 block of 40th Street late

Yeah I have heard and read that line of reasoning as to why the shooting was justified. The video and the optics are pretty bad as though the cop is executing the suspect. Thanks for providing context to this, because it’s obvious the video doesn’t tell the entire story as to how it reached that point. This is just terrible all the way around, and everyone involved.

It isn’t that hard to just say, “yes officer” and do what they say. His action lead to him being shot.


Yes I agree, and in normal civilised society complying with LEO’s is what most would accept as a reasonable argument. However, we are in the middle of civil unrest fueled by the BLM Marxists looking for any reason to throw gas on the fire. This event certainly does that.

This is a normal and civilized society. Those who think they are above the law and can act out simply because they are black quickly learn that skin color doesn’t give them a pass.

The rioting and temper tantrums are not going to change the laws.


And death! That will stop them too.


Really? Could have fooled me! Perhaps watching from afar I bought too much Into the optics.

Small areas of the country. They don’t represent the whole. Most are completely sick of it and wish the hammer would come down on these entitled little basement dwellers.

Well that in a way is encouraging to hear! From all of the media and news reports one wouldn’t know.

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That was the old days when children were taught right from wrong and to respect police officers.

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According to some it has gone too far.

This has changed to a lawless society where rioting at the drop of a hat is the norm.

The rioting and damage to the capital of colorado.

Cleaning up building graffiti, window damage will cost more than $1 million, state estimates

The granite walls of Colorado Capitol building are covered in graffiti, windows and lights are shattered in Denver, Colorado.

The governor did nothing and the damage to exceed a million bucks.

-Gun drawn on me
-Taser went off
-But hey, lets just walk to my car, unlock it, and reach for God-knows-what while a bunch of cops are on edge

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I’m sure the perpetrator was emboldened by the cheering/yelling crowd and the cheer-leader eager to jump in a throw a temper-tantrum at, idk, armed law enforcement bc … reason. Peak Darwinism.


Cops Ambushed in Maryland! “But, but, but, they are peaceful protesters!”

Three Maryland police officers were ambushed and shot while responding to a call Sunday evening, authorities said. Prince George’s County police were responding to a reported home invasion around 6:30 p.m. in Hyattsville, a city about 32 miles southwest of Baltimore, Interim Police Chief Hector Velez said.

“Within minutes they arrived at the scene, and within seconds they came under gunfire,” Velez told reporters outside Prince George’s Hospital Center. “They were ambushed.” Officers returned fire and took two men into custody unharmed, police said. The injured officers were expected to recover.

Mugshots of the thugs!

Looked like an entirely justified shooting to me. They gave him every chance to stop, he completely ignored them. Walked purposely to his car and reached in for something.

Darwinism, indeed.


A few thoughts here:

(1) Some people do, indeed, think that they can do whatever they wish–especially if they are black–and get away with it.

(2) This man did, certainly, ignore the law-enforcement officer’s demands.

(3) That said, to shoot him in the back (or anywhere, for that matter) does seem like an enormous overreaction.

Note: The subsequent lawlessness can certainly not be justified. (Just how did the torching of an automobile dealership strike a blow for the victim, Jacob Blake–or even for black Americans, in general?

You think he was reaching for a Bible from his car? He was reaching for X, and X can turn out to be deadly for the officers at the scene.

Put yourself in the officer’s shoes: what would you do?

Here is a man sharing his perspective of his business being burnt down as a result of some really stupid shit going down to which this shooting has caused. It puts things in proper perspective. Like “D” said, people are getting pretty fed up, but this guy is more passive about things than going to his guns. What does the latter tell you?