Another, bigger migrant caravan is set to leave from Honduras next month



How quickly do you suppose we would change our laws when faced with a flood of millions?


When did you leave there? I may be stuck in the early 90’s.

Are these not accurate?


We couldn’t, the dem’s are bought and paid for and it would take years or decades of court challenges to any new laws relative to same, most of which we’d lose at least up to the Appeals courts level.


Just the latitude of a fanciful, Brad Thor, scenario if you will play along? :wink:

A disease is rampant and spreading widely in South America. South America is under quarantine as millions die.

Rather than staying in quarantine our border is rushed.

Will we be able to defend our border and our country?


Able and willing are two different things. The democrats would certainly not be willing nor would the courts.


Can’t the president just declare state of emergency and shut down the borders? No need to ask for any democrap permission.


That wouldn’t last past the first court filing.


If we cannot deploy our military to defend our border, then the nation is lost.


A blog from a dutchman?

Unless you read Spanish, you’ll never get accurate.

The US is not propping up Colombia.

Colombia does not have a drug problem.

The biggest problem in Colombia right now is Venezuelan refugees.


We have deployed the military to the border. Yet, how many illegals are still coming through?


No, if the military were ordered to defend the border, not support border patrol and ICE, there would be essentially no illegal immigration other than Visa overstays.


So most of the world’s supply of coke isn’t coming from Columbia? What percentage is?

I spoke Spanish at a very good conversational level as a kid. I acquire languages easily but I lose them quickly when I don’t use them.

I’d have to re immerse myself someplace Spanish is spoken again for a month or two to get it back.


Only in a support role.

If Trump deploys them to defend the border it will likely result in a constitutional crisis with the first case filed running straight up the ladder to the SCOTUS.

IF we continue seeing huge caravans storming the border he’s got a case, if not, he’ll lose and lose all of his political capital in doing so.


Rather a conundrum isn’t it then?

ICE and Border Patrol won’t be paid as long as Trump stands his ground against Democrats for wall funding.

Eventually, they will have to find employment elsewhere because they have bills and mortgages to pay too.

In the meantime, we have what is left of a caravan in Tijuana and another with 15k or so on its way not including those not in caravans who enter illegally on a daily basis.

The military cannot temporarily take over the role of Border Patrol without causing a constitutional crisis… perhaps so.

So, should the shut down last and we have only a skeleton crew of Border Patrol left, we are beholden to the corrupt countries we have pledged billions to - in a secondary fashion enforce our borders for us.

5 Billion for our border security is just a drop in the bucket. So, this is nothing more than obstructionist democrats flexing their new muscles because they hate Trump. They are putting America and the clear wishes of Americans secondary to their tiny representation of America (those who voted them into office).

This is an informative article on the authority outside of congress the President can take:

How far could the president go in using the military within U.S. borders? The Supreme Court has given us no clear answer to this question.

Presented with this ambiguity, presidents have explored the outer limits of their constitutional emergency authority in a series of directives known as Presidential Emergency Action Documents, or peads

In the past several decades, Congress has provided what the Constitution did not: emergency powers that have the potential for creating emergencies rather than ending them. Presidents have built on these powers with their own secret directives. What has prevented the wholesale abuse of these authorities until now is a baseline commitment to liberal democracy on the part of past presidents.


If the BP agents quit showing up for work then Trump would have an irrefutable emergency on his hands and all the authority he needs to declare one and deploy the military to take over for them.

All he has to do to drop this in Pelosi’s lap is come out as the great defender of the laid off Federal Workers demanding congress pass a bill to get them all paid until the shutdown is over.


They’ve been used to beef up some infrastructure and barriers. Not surprisingly the illegals aren’t attempting to breach these barriers. They continue to look for a crossing where no barrier is in place, once again demonstrating that barriers are very effective.


Yes, they are trying to breach those barriers but only very few in comparison to areas where there are no barriers.


Actually Colombia has a thriving economy in South America and getting stronger…and that’s not counting drugs.


I highly question that source as it has a very liberal slant. Not saying that it isn’t possible, but seems like fearmongering to me.


What stands out to me in this article:

Congress through their inaction has created a gaping hole where action is required.