Another attempt at secession. Western Maryland/West Virginia

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Well the way things are going thanks to The Bidet Regime the only HOPE to save things from being completely destroyed might be if we split into TWO nations Red States and Blue States.


You live in a blue state…………:thinking:

Newly organized States:

Western Maryland joins West Virginia
South Virginia
Upstste NY joins Northern and Western Pennsylvania
Northern California/Southern Oregon - Called Jefferson
Eastern Oregon joins Idaho
Southern New Jersey

85% of US counties hold a convention, choose a Capitol, redraw State boarders, and set up a schedule to withdraw their funding of the Blue State overlords.

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Well yes, though there are many areas that are Republican, but I have friends in Texas, Idaho and some other Red States and so I would not be opposed to moving to a Red State if Blue States and Red States started to split and we end up with Two Nations.

I mean IF this ugly shit is NOT stopped we might only have two choices:

Become TWO Nations OR go into Civil War II, I would prefer the former and not the latter.

Yep, if Americans can no longer get along I would prefer that too. I live in three states, two red and one blue and don’t think I’d make any moves in that eventuality?

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It’s bad we have got to this situation, I would like to think something can bring us back from the brink but I can’t see what at this time, it’s just getting worse every day. I think the divide between Right and Left is just now too great, no longer in cases seeing each other even as human beings, I mean De-Humanising and thinking of each other as “The Other” and all the name calling that goes on and all the Cancel Culture if someone DARES to have a different opinion, it’s just so ugly and now entrenched, I mean RAW HATRED.


Give it a couple more years of mega high inflation, open boarders, higher taxes, and China pushing us around and the current Cold Civil War will turn to an economic rock and a hard place.

People who worked their entire lives are watching their savings dwindle away at the market and the pump.

No one wants a hot war but as the currency becomes ever more controlled by the elite citizens will promote economic pressure on the insiders.

If you believe in two persons being able to divorce for abuse then secession has to be considered in the same vein.

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Yep… reminds me of this Star Trek episode.


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There is no “open border”….
More non US citizens have been apprehended, APPREHENDED this year than any year during the Trump or Obama administration and probably ever. Both Obama and Trump had a hell of a time processing the heavy loads of them showing up at our border and Biden now has more than either of them to deal with….

As to higher taxes, yes, our national debt goes into oblivion if we don’t start paying for the goods and services that Americans want. We either cut spending or raise taxes and Americans seem unwilling to do EITHER……

And again, though nobody seems willing to read the Pentagon’s annual report to congress on China, their military readiness went into overtime following the US invasion of Iraq. Russia and China together have long expressed their concerns that a unipolar world is a threat to global security and they are pushing back on it. People can criticize China all they like but this is a direct result of the abuse of US power following the collapse of the Soviet Union….

Also, as it is, the United States will have a very difficult to impossible ability to take on China (especially with Russia and Iran) and a divided states will absolutely be destroyed…

China’s overtures against Taiwan are peeking because they already recognize the weakened state of the US as we are at each other’s throats. Just let us actually break into two countries. Furthermore, the money is mostly in the blue states. So many of the red states are debtor states that would collapse without their annual federal welfare checks.

What are you on crack?

Hey dumbass there are 3000% more entering the US fucking ILLEGALLY NOW ! FUCKING duh !!!

CHEYENNE – Laramie County School District 1 is expected to r…

Residents of Colorado’s Weld County want to join Wyoming

  • Wyoming News Exchange
  • Feb 9, 2021
    POWELL (WNE) — If a northern Colorado county wants to leave the state and join Wyoming, Gov. Mark Gordon said he’d welcome the hundreds of thousands of new residents.

A group of residents in Weld County, Colorado, has launched an effort to put an initiative on the county’s 2021 ballot that could start the process of having the county annexed into Wyoming; the idea has been batted around by conservative leaders in the county for years, but it picked up steam last year when some Weld County officials became frustrated with the State of Colorado’s COVID-19-related restrictions.

“Colorado is moving faster and faster to becoming a little sister of California,” leaders of the Weld County, WY group wrote following November’s election.

The idea remains a long shot; shifting the boundaries of the two states would require approval from both the Wyoming and Colorado legislatures, among other hurdles.

When Denver-based KOA News Radio hosted Gordon on Tuesday to talk about the economic impacts of the Biden administration’s new restrictions on oil and gas development, the hosts threw in a final question about Weld County’s potential move to Wyoming.

“We would love that,” Gordon responded. “From time-to-time, states have said, ‘Gosh, we love what Wyoming is doing,’ and so, we’d be happy.”

However, after the Casper Star-Tribune reported Gordon’s embrace of Weld County’s secession movement, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis fired back.

“Hands off Weld County, Gov. Mark Gordon,” Polis responded on Facebook; he called the county a “thriving” part of Colorado. “Weld County residents are proud to be part of our great state,” Polis wrote.


The US constitution has provisions for admitting states and none for states to leave the union….

Monte darling, the border is not just open it’s like OPEN! THOUSANDS of them are literally just walking across the border and btw NO COVID-19 testing of them and they are NOT required to have the Vaxx.

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There was no Covid testing for any of those arriving throughout 2020 either. I think there should have been then and now, and I’d go farther and say I’d support vaccine mandates for any admitted…

Otherwise, the border is NOT open. More are flocking to our border than ever and more have been apprehended this year than ever. People continue to spread the disinformation that the border is open, as though CBP has withdrawn and they are walking across the border at will and that’s just bullshit.

Monte, Just because the money centers have the money doesn’t mean that the money being held isn’t from outside sources.

If you think there are more assets in the 15% of Blue counties than in the 85% of Red counties you are sadly misinformed.

California alone is the 6th largest economy in the world.
And you completely ignored the fact that many red states are debtor states that get a federal welfare check to keep them out of the developing world status they’d be in without it……

Btw, it’s not REALLY an attempt at succession much as you may like to believe as letters were sent to West Virginia asking for acceptance when there’s literally no possibility of this happening, no mechanism to allow for it….:joy: