Angry Shep Smith Cuts into Trump's Speech to Fact-Check Him on Air

This arrogant prick just can’t get over the sound of his own voice. To interrupt a live speech to squeeze in your own dissenting opinion is nothing other than narcissist knee jerk reaction.

Besides that, Shep assumed that the relaxing of environmental regulations always harms the environment. Actually, many existing regulations do nothing but increase the costs of permitting or they totally preclude development of infrastructure, utilities and such…that do no harm to the environment.

We have too many regulations. We have too many appointed regulators with the goal of writing and imposing more useless regulations just so they can justify their job.

I don’t really mind that Shep comes on for an hour. It gives me cause to change channels at least until his show is over. I want to contribute to his low rating.

FoxNews needs to keep Shep and a few other pinheads (like Juan Williams and Chris Wallace) in order to maintain the “fair and balanced” moniker.

The fact that even during the conservative prime time shows they play excerpts from CNN and MSNBC lunacy (just to get a good laugh at them) is also a demonstration of fairness.

Fox News has been sliding left for a while. I and others have brought this up only to be screamed at and called liars by the shill brigade.

But now that Trump called it out - it’s Kosher - everyone notices…and is outraged.

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I know exactly what you are talking about! Fox has gotten worse and having people like Juan Williams and Geraldo, Harf and others has turned me off! Besides it’s not natural for humans to be consuming that crap on a daily basis! I am at the point I simply dont watch it anymore. I catch glimpses of Tucker now and then but that is the extent with the exception of breaking news stories.

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Agreed…regarding the regulations.
Also…When you have so many regulations, you lose your focus on the really important ones. And people just become numb and don’t care anymore and they find ways to keep moving forward without letting the regulations slow them down.

She was a literal Obama administration shill and now I have to look at her twat face all too often on Fox. She sucks and Fox does too. The only thing worth watching on Fox is Tucker Carlson.


I don’t even watch him that much any more either. Only when he says something that interests me! Harf rhymes with Barf which sums up what I think of her opinions! The entire network is just another legacy media conglomerate that is competing for your time!

Remember who you are inviting into your home and living room! It matters!

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I know I saw that, what a disgusting fool he is. The truth is that what Trump is doing is working and all the oppressive EPA regulations of the past did not work! Shep felt the need to disclose that the global PCA nut jobs disagree with Trump policies and it’s like who freaking cares!

It’s working! The USA has the lowest emissions then any other country, so what’s the problem Shep? We certainly don’t need no stinking Paris Climate Accord whackos telling us what do when we can do the job ourselves.


Harf left thank gawd because that blonde bimbo was hard to take. But they still have a bunch of liberal contributors that grate on my nerves, the most recent addition is Donna Brazille who I refuse to watch, she is just an insult IMO.

Tucker is my least favorite Fox News host, I hate the way he interviews the kooks he has on his show. I like F&F’s, Outnumbered, The Five, Martha and Hannity, On weekends Jesse and Greg shows, Mark Levins Sunday interview show and I’m really getting to like The Next Revolution just before Mark’s show.

I watch a lot of Fox News but I fast forward a lot as well as soon as I see a liberal mug show up on my screen I just fast forward. First off they say the same thing over & over again and tell the same LIES ad nauseam!

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Noone have any business interrupting the President of the United States! Fire him!

I think it’s good to have both sides represented rather than an echo chamber of all conservatives or all liberals.

The liberal media seems to employ nothing but liberals. What good is persuasive conversation if everyone already agrees?

Fox talk shows quite often invite liberal(s) to appear on the show for spirited ‘debate’ (in short bursts…they tend to squeeze a few guests in between the commercials).

What REALLY pisses me off is when two, three or even four people are all talking at the same time. The host should have switches for all of the microphones and turn the guests on one at a time.

The liberals tend to interrupt more often than do conservatives and they tend to be reluctant to shut up when they have the floor.

Mark Levin on his Life, Liberty and Levin (fresh on Sunday at 10 pm) seems to be the only interviewer on Fox that conducts a long, interesting conversation by letting his guest speak volumes, then making some comments and more probing questions.

What I really miss is spirited debate between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr.

Such days are long gone, never to return. Both of those great men were above the level of genius and had uncommon vocabulary skills…they knew the words AND when to use them.

For the very same reasons that you articulate such as having a balanced view, in theory it should work but it doesn’t anymore for a myriad of reasons, some you outline and some not mentioned! It’s not news any more, it’s opinions vying for control of the national narrative placing their opinions as more important over the commoner and just for that it loses! It’s become a consumer driven market and has lost its value when it comes to the commodity of time and you heart and mind! Cable news or for that matter television is a negative energy that has become noise in the greater discourse of ones well being who is losing touch with the natural world through desensitization! People define their identity by the images that are being sold to them when they view all media, it’s what has defined today’s culture and is the main reason why society is going through a major crisis because people forgot who they are when they bought into the lies TV propagates!

“Balanced view” just means that liberals take over.

We don’t have to agree on everything, you and I.

Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham shows are designed to be opinion oriented discussions of whatever topic they choose. Sometimes it’s history, sometimes current politics, sometimes current events…you name it, they still are not incorrect in attaching their opinions. The Ingraham ANGLE is by definition opinion oriented.

Cable news is manipulated by the network’s determining what will be told and what will be suppressed.

CNN claims to be the Cable News Network but actually presents filtered ‘news’ tainted with opinions of the network by way of word choices and rephrasing “quotes”, either softening or demonizing them based upon who said it.

My best source for real news of the day is local broadcast TV stations. Most all of them cover the big ticket world and national headlines, then state news, then local news, then sports, then weather…then they go to the late night ‘comedy’ hours and I go to Turner Classic Movies or Velocity or Music Choice-Light Classical as I read myself to sleep.

If I really want to know what’s happening in Congress, I watch portions of the gavel to gavel C-span coverage, or replays of same that often occur for crucial issue happenings.

Regarding the desire to dominate the narrative, I agree…but this is only natural. Most everyone wants their opinions to be accepted as the norm.

There is no norm…never will be

Today’s broad and instant conveyance of thought in both print and video form is not totally a good thing. It promotes the exponentially viral spreading of false information, digitally ‘adjusted’ video, total lies, alarmist fodder, fear of innocuous things, distraction from things that really matter. This floods the information pool with dishonesty which NEVER contributes anything to better understanding.

I switched from Fox to OANN on July 4. Fox has jumped the liberal shark as far as I’m concerned, and I have cut that cord for good. Their ratings will continue to drop… as they continue to crap all over the conservative base that made them #1. So be it.

Fair and balanced means opposing views. For the echo chamber go to Brietbart.

Shepard Smith is such a douchbag. I never liked his views anways. He makes no sense most of the time.
When Alan Colmes was on and was alive and on the air, he made more sense than Sheppard Smith will ever. I didn’t believe everything Colmes said, but he spoke with decency and he made it entertaining.

Or msnbc…

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I don’t think its a matter of disagreeing, (because there is a lot that I do agree with you about in your previous post) but having different perspectives on this particular subject matter and how we choose to consume. Just to be clear though, I hope you are not taking my criticisms as an attack on you and others who choose to watch Television or for that matter Fox News. My intent is to remind people to use the proper filters and not lose perspective on what is means to be human in the broader scope of things.

If you choose to consume with watching Television just as you lay out what it is you watch then that is perfectly your choice and I am not criticizing that, but I only ask if time is better spent doing other things that could be more productive than listening to opinions.

My woke moment in regards to MSM came about 15 years ago as I was addicted to watching Fox News all the time. The moment came while in the kitchen preparing a meal I could hear the TV blaring in the other room of people arguing over a political issue. I came to the realization that this was a negative energy that was allowed in my home due to serving my own addictions and it was at that time I turned off the television for good and listened intently to silence. I also realized that what I was consuming was not only a distraction from what I was supposed to be focused on but was also robbing my time of quality. As a result of cutting the cord, my life dramatically improved, both in health and my over all perspective.

Television is not natural, but being informed is primal to our species, and thus we are susceptible to being seduced to being misinformed for the obvious reasons that you articulate. Yes I agree everyone wants to be heard, however what I am advocating is that the proper filters be used when listening to others express their opinions when you have no ability to engage in the conversation or refute what someone says while they are saying it and this is where you are powerless when giant media corporations are manipulating the national narrative.

This is what I call objective viewing, because there is no one there to give you commentary or express their own opinions about what is happening. At least that is my interpretation when watching “C-Span”. Just as this OP-ED points out about Sheppard Smith giving his opinions on Trump’s speech as opposed to allowing his speech to be free of commentary without the personal bias is really the difference between allowing viewers to make up their own minds or telling viewers what to think.

It all comes down to consumption, and there is something to be said about quality over quantity, as we reached a point in our society that MSM culture is now but a tool that is being used as a propaganda march in the hedgerows of new hegemonic terms being defined by corporatism to keep perpetuating chaos and confusion.

I will leave you with this to ponder. I have been working on a book in which extensive researched had to be conducted in order to understand my main thesis which is Media. The quote is from a essay of Douglas Kellner, a critical Theorist on Media Culture.

Excerpt by:


*By Douglas Kellner *

Radio, television, film, and the other products of media culture provide materials out of which we forge our very identities; our sense of selfhood; our notion of what it means to be male or female; our sense of class, of ethnicity and race, of nationality, of sexuality; and of “us” and “them.” Media images help shape our view of the world and our deepest values: what we consider good or bad, positive or negative, moral or evil. Media stories provide the symbols, myths, and resources through which we constitute a common culture and through the appropriation of which we insert ourselves into this culture. Media spectacles demonstrate who has power and who is powerless, who is allowed to exercise force and violence, and who is not. They dramatize and legitimate the power of the forces that be and show the powerless that they must stay in their places or be oppressed.

  •  We are immersed from cradle to grave in a media and consumer society and thus it is important to learn how to understand, interpret, and criticize its meanings and messages. The media are a profound and often misperceived source of cultural pedagogy: They contribute to educating us how to behave and what to think, feel, believe, fear, and desire -- and what not to. The media are forms of pedagogy which teach us how to be men and women. They show us how to dress, look and consume; how to react to members of different social groups; how to be popular and successful and how to avoid failure; and how to conform to the dominant system of norms, values, practices, and institutions. Consequently, the gaining of critical media literacy is an important resource for individuals and citizens in learning how to cope with a seductive cultural environment. Learning how to read, criticize, and resist socio-cultural manipulation can help empower oneself in relation to dominant forms of media and culture. It can enhance individual sovereignty vis-a-vis media culture and give people more power over their cultural environment."*

Shep is the worst anchor/reporter on the air at FNC. How he keeps his job other than to provide some appearance of “balance” is beyond me.

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Shemp always was the worst Stooge…