Angry Hispanic Man Killed His Mom’s Dog Because He Couldn’t Have Sex in the House

When you just got to bust one out but can’t.

A Texas man enraged that his mom wouldn’t let him have sex in the house picked up her dog and threw it so hard that its heart burst — killing it, according to news reports.

James Garcia, 39, who has lived with his parents in San Antonio on and off for four years, asked his mom for permission to bring a woman into the home to have sex in his bedroom on Oct. 24, News 4 San Antonio reported.

When the mom refused to allow the woman in, Garcia allegedly hurled the dog, named Roxy, 18 feet across the home, according to court records obtained by the outlet.

Then he took off, leaving the helpless pup to suffer on the hard kitchen floor, the records said. Roxy was rushed to the veterinarian’s office — but it was too late.

The throw was so violent that it “caused [Roxy’s] heart to burst, eventually bleeding to death,” the veterinarian said, according to local outlet KSAT 12.

Garcia returned to the home while police were still there and told them “he didn’t like hurting the dog,” the court records said.

He was arrested Saturday but is now out on $5,000 bond, KTSA reported.

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So what’s the story Shlomo, that man kills dog, or that HISPANIC man kills dog?

It’s just a fact @montecresto1 is that triggering to you somehow?


If this were a white person his race would be front and center in the news report, it would make national headlines, and there would need to be a “national conversation” on white male terrorists killing animals because they went into an incel rage.

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Why isn’t the left freaking out about this? I mean here we have a case of animal cruelty combined with toxic masculinity and some apparent incel tendencies.

The left would, if the report said a White Hispanic. Remember Zimmerman.

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Yeah - Zimmerman became a “white hispanic” when he took out a little thug who assaulted him. The media wanted the narrative of white on black crime which is about as rare as seeing a spotted flying pig.

In some areas of the Middle East, dogs have been buried alive by Muslims. Your dog would die defending you, without a thought of it’s own life.


It’s a fact that greater crimes, and more of them, are committed everyday across America by pasty white pos’s too. But you guys always wait for the headline with the person of color that has committed a crime, to draft your threads. :man_shrugging:

I don’t think you understand the meaning of the term “wait”

Problem is when it is a non-white they omit the race from the headline and the story. It’s always “Florida Man” or something like that.

It doesn’t take much to figure out what the real story is though: Florida Man stabs three people over Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

I know. These bigots. People of color are majestic and beautiful. They dindu nuffin.

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Damn. That dude was conditioned to immediately grab his gun when a black dude with his hood up came into the store. Good on him. Might be dead if he bought into the liberal view of the world where nothing like this ever happens.

I worked night shift at a gas station in Cleveland all through college. I was behind bulletproof glass but had to deal with complete insanity from Blacks and Hispanics whenever I would tell them no.

  • No, you aren’t getting a dollar.
  • No, I’m not selling you a loose Newport 100.
  • No, I won’t charge your EBT for food and give you malt liquor.

They would punch the glass, spray paint it, piss on the floor, knock over display stands. Total animals. They are the problem. Sounds like you have lived a very comfortable and sheltered life.

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At first, I wondered if he was angry because he couldnt have doggy sex in the house.

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Well Monte, Bitch to the media when they report crimes and omit the race of the criminal. Is it racist for news channels to post criminals pictures when most are minorities???

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That was a glorious mag dump.

Yep, only people of color commit crime in America…:roll_eyes: