Angry Hispanic Man Killed His Mom’s Dog Because He Couldn’t Have Sex in the House

Not the point if you you are trying to reduce ALL crime in America and you find that one group does more crime than others.

Monte, You know what the stats are of blacks committing crimes as a percentage of the population.

What’s your point, what do you want to do. Keep running to the forum to post a thread every time a person of color commits a crime and ignore white crime?

Blacks are approximately 12 or 13 % of the population and commit the VAST majority of the crime which is almost always black on black.
I don’t ignore white crime, I complain about it when it happens. Is it racist for anyone to call out blacks for black on black crimes and the failure of black leaders ,celebrities and athletes to call rhem out???

How long have you been noticing this?

What have you come up with as a possible solution?

Why do you think we do that?

Are you asking how long the statics have been available for analysis?

Who is “we”?..

What do you mean “we”?

Those of us who do that = we.

Ok, well you’ve been here a week or two and I’ve never seen you do that…:man_shrugging: