Angela Merkel Shakes Like A Dirty Crackhead While Meeting Ukrainian President - VIDEO

It looks like she and Hillary must’ve sold their souls on the same payment plan.

Please God! Send her to HELL!


She was trying to stop herself from twerking. After all that vibrant African cultural enrichment she just can’t help it.

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She was dehydrated…

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Sucks getting old…your body is more sensitives to its needs and starts reacting.


Picture of Angela Merkel at age 17 marching with East German communists

Hilary said the same thing about drinking water. Who shakes like hell when they need water?

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She should have tried the cold chai

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Don Knotts :slight_smile: . . . .

As with Hillary, it’s probably just the involuntary reaction of their immortal souls catching a glimpse of what awaits them, the abyss they bartered in exchange for temporal earthly power.


A shame you cannot eave the crackhead comment in the toilet where it belongs.

I would comment on the article but it’s not worth replying to a vile lead in.

I am not sure, after watching the video I was thinking maybe its a reaction to having withdrawal symptoms from a certain medication that she maybe taking!

Pretty classic symptoms of dehydration. Instead of withdrawal though I wonder if maybe she’s got a neurological disorder as well and she’d forgotten to take her med’s before the ceremony.

Really? I thought dehydration was being thirsty, dry mouth, light-headedness or lethargy, not uncontrolling shakiness?

Uncontrollable shaking isn’t at all uncommon if you’re severely dehydrated because it really screws up your electrolyte balance.

Like father, like daughter

Or maybe Hitler was just dehydrated.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up there and let the world see you vulnerable and humbled, I see a strong woman that is willing to serve in what she believes in!

Oh, please. People stand up to challenges every day standing up for what they believe in.

She’s on the wrong side of history and has done an incredible amount of damage to her country. I can’t say I admire one thing about the woman.

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I can honestly say that I consider Angela Merkel the leader of the free world.

Despite your opinion of her, she continues to win election after election.

What exactly is the “free world”?


Where people get free stuff.

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