Andrew Weissmann Fired by Newly Appointed AG William Barr


Al Franke wasn’t fired. He resigned.


Thanks! You just proved both of our points!


He wasn’t fired. If he was fired, he wouldn’t still be working.

Watch the video here:

In it, Mcabe explains that Comey would not even be allowed back in teh building after he was fired while in CA. Wouldn’t be allowed to collect his things. And that trump was mad that Comey flew home on an FBI plane.

That is what happens when you get fired. You are not allowed to stay in the building.

I don’t know why you are dying on this hill - the man wasn’t fired. If he was fired he wouldn’t be at work today.



Wiley said Franke was fired and was allowed to stay in congress.

That’s simply idiotic and not true. Franke wasn’t fired.


Genio, when you are fired from a government job - particularly a high level government job - you are removed form teh building immediately.

And Al Franken WASN"T FIRED!

Who can fire a senator? That doesn’t even make sense.



Still talking to yourself?


He will be under the authority of the DOJ which means Barr controls what he can reveal


Separation of powers. The DOJ controls what is classified


The DOJ controls what information is released not congress


Well that makes it strange that a Congressman just released the closed door testimony of Lisa Page.

He had already released Bruce Ohr’s transcript.


You show why congress does not have the power to make Mueller talk. They only want to use it against Trump. Congress does not care about voters until campaign season


I read the first 29 pages, and it’s very clear Loretta Lynch, David Laufman, and George Toscas all conspired to run interference for Hillary Clinton. It’s absolutely sickening abuse of power.


Actually, I showed that you were wrong about this:

Adam “Shifty” Schiff released closed door testimony of Donald Trump Jr during breaks of the committee hearings. Don Jr. would occasionally read about what he had said (in a closed door meeting) earlier that day.


There is no doubt in my mind that “Shit for brains” was leaking. Glad judicial watch filed a ethics violations charge against him! I am not sure where it will go, but I hope that scum bag faces justice some day! He’s got it coming along with a slew of other democrats who lie for a living!