Andrew Weissmann Fired by Newly Appointed AG William Barr

NBC said-will reportedly exit
Reuters said-to leave
US News said-departing
Daily Beast said-to step down

Have you seen anyone say he was fired, and is gone already?

How many time you’re giving option…resign or be fired?

I understand that Barr had a talk with Weissmann right before he ‘resigned’. Could be he was told to resign. That conflates to being fired.

In any case, I’m glad that crooked son of a bitch is gone.


Have you ever been fired and been allowed to stay on the job for a few more weeks?

If he was fired, he wouldn’t be allowed to stay on the premises, continuing to work.

This is more likely a sign of Mueller ending his witchhunt

I was fired one time in my entire life. Buddy on job fling a roofing tab at me thou the window. I thrown it back just as old man walked by the window and I hit him.

Was fired on spot. Next day he was looking for me and wondered where I went…wanted me to come back.

His boss hired me the day he was fired. :wink:

So no I wouldn’t know.

Interesting…by stepping down he won’t compelled to provide information. Seems to me he’s afraid he might be hold accountable.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have written to Bill Barr asking for information about the actions of two senior members of the Special Counsel’s Office, Andrew Weissman, and Zainab Ahmad, and their knowledge of the information in the Steele dossier in 2016.

If he steps down, reports say, he can’t be compelled to provide information.

So then, do you agree? If you are fired, you don’t typically work for a few more weeks…

Where did you see that? Congress can compel anyone to testify before them - public servant, private citizen. I don’t see what his job status matters.

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I take it that you never held pubic office or worked in Government before?

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He can’t be called by the DOJ Inspector General, but he can be called before Congressional committees.

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What the hell are you talking about. Is that what you got out of my post?

The discussion has been about wether Weissman was fired or not.

You don’t control the narrative! Here or nowhere! If you can’t answer a simple question then move one, otherwise don’t waste people’s time with your bullshit!


Weisman is still on the job. Pretty weird for someone you said was fired and was already gone.

He was fired. Again I will ask you: Have you ever held a government position or have been employed by the government entity? Why am I asking you this? It is relevant to the obvious fixation you have become obsessed with on this particular thread. Your ignorance really shows and thus, if you never held a government position by way of being elected, or employed by a Government entity then you know what I am talking about as others here have tried to explain to you, but as is, you have no clue and it will certainly prove my point in why I am certain that Weissmann was fired from his position. Not to mention my own sources in DC have told me this, because yes I once held a position in the Federal government where I still have valuable networks to consult.

Lastly, seeing it is obvious you are a flaming leftist progressive, I would challenge you to go over to the thread I created earlier on Socialism VS. Capitalism where a real debate has started on why people think socialism is the solution in the next presidential election. Maybe think about putting your time to better use such as discussing topics that might be more constructive than having pissing contests over something you are not comprehending? I don’t know just a thought, but I would be interested to see how you can defend progressivism and why you believe in such! You up for such challenges or will you too be afraid and make up some excuse not to?

LOL. Al Franken was still in his Congressional seat how many weeks before he resigned after he was “fired” for sexual misconduct?

Public Sector does not equal Private Sector, genio.