Andrew Weissmann Fired by Newly Appointed AG William Barr

Hmm, looks like things are starting to head in a certain direction with the DOJ. Could this be the start of bigger things to come? Especially now considering the recent revelations of Lisa Page’s testimony regarding fusion GPS, the Hillary Clinton investigation and the involvement of former AG Loretta Lynch’s questionable decisions made public by rep Doug Collins?


I just heard on Fox News Weisman is taking a job and NYU, and has a planned departure. They said nothing about him being fired.

He was fired! So just stop now! It was confirmed!

Disagreement over General Flynn case led to departure.

Then why is he still there?

You should tell Fox News.

Are you really that freaking dense? Sometimes I have to wonder! Do you solely rely on the MSM news or do you have other sources you go to for information? I know this to be a fact! Maybe you haven’t considered that sometimes there are other sources before you even get the scoop.

I wonder what Mueller is gonna do without his trained pitbull?

Is fox the MSM?

He’s not going anywhere until the Mueller probe is done.

DUH! DUH! DUH!:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

He is already gone! Bye Bye!

No, he’s still there.

No he is not! He is gone effective immediately!

He’s really not.

No he really is. Do have anything else to add to this thread topic? Seriously, I don’t want to play childish games with you! I got better things to do then have a pissing contest with you! Its been confirmed by my sources that he is gone! I don’t have to prove this to you, do your own research! Otherwise I am done here!

Your own source says Weissman resigned.

All my sources say weisman is resigning.

So you are arguing against your own source, and all the sources on the internet.

And he’s not gone. He’s still on the job. Your source makes no claim about this. My sources all explain he will be leaving at a later date.

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No you presumptuous prick! My source said he was fired! Are you tone deaf or are you just plain stupid and can’t read?

Do you have anything else to add to this thread?

The twitter video you posted said he resigned.