And trying to outdo the NY princess, the mayor steps in


Seems like the “We The People” need to take to the streets, because at the rate we are going now, (Some republicans are now talking about backing out in supporting Trump’s shutdown and siding with Democrats to reopen the government) our country as we know it will be lost forever and may plunge into civil war. All signs are pointing in that direction!


The left has no problem taking to the streets. The right seems to not have time for it or deems it a useless gesture.

We are but steps away from a civil disobedience this country has never seen. I suspect 1 more democrat controlled government will do the trick.


Got to start somewhere I guess. It really is a fight for the country. Maybe some liberals can die along the way!


I guess we are there now! Talk of Impeachment, foul mouthed newly elected Congresswomen, Muslims now taking power, Democrats trying to gun grab and change the votes and how they are counted. Yep seems like we are getting to the point this powder keg is about to blow!


I saw this post as a mathematical equation:

Liberal = compassion

Compassion = force

Force = Trust


Dunno Zantax.

Not having dental and vision is kinda a deal breaker :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: