And trying to outdo the NY princess, the mayor steps in

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NY) said that his administration would work out the finances for his health care for all plan after everyone had health care during a press conference on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, de Blasio announced that “New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of someone’s ability to pay or immigration status.”

During a press conference about his plan, a reporter asked de Blasio about the cost of the program, specifically the “sliding scale” factor and how it will be determined who gets health care for free and who has to pay.

“Again, what we’ll do in this session is give you the top lines. More details will come out in the course of the day,” de Blasio said before tossing the question to one of his advisers.

The adviser explained that the sliding scale “will slide to zero for people who don’t have resources. For people who have the ability to pay, we’ll be expecting that people pay what they can.”

The reporter pressed de Blasio on the question about how the city planned to determine what an individual could pay.

“We’re first getting people health care. I want to make sure that’s really, really clear,” de Blasio said. “First we’re getting you your health care. Then we’re working out the finances.”

It is estimated that de Blasio’s plan would cost at least $100 million.

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We have to pass it to see what’s in it.


The funding plan:

A) Total gross income earned for the year
B) Remit total from line A

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Grab your popcorn as NY and Cali speed up their race to the bottom.


They’re both near the bottom already. They just keep trading places.

Youre right

These clowns go out of their way to advertise sanctuary to illegals, not to mention “free” health care, drivers licences with no questions asked, etc.

Is it any wonder thousands and thousands keep wanting to come?

That sounds proctologically deceptive. :face_with_monocle:

I think Trump mentioned in his speech $780.00 per day to house an illegal?.

Maybe someone can correct me if I am mistaken.

Good! I’ll take advantage of these leftists. If I get sick, a flight to NYC or CA will be far cheaper than my premiums!

He didn’t mention a dental plan did he? :anguished:

I don’t think the socialist healthcare plan comes with dental and vision coverage options just yet - they will need another 100,000 people to leave their states to find the money to pay for it (liberal math).

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:+1: Good one! …

De Blasio is going to crash the NY city economy. How does he plan to pay for that if the illegal workers don’t pay city taxes by definition? Raising city taxes for the legal workers and citizens? It’s only a month ago that Cuomo and de Blasio gave Amazon, the richest company in the world, 3 billion dollars in tax incentives. So Amazon won’t be paying for the illegal worker’s healthcare, it will be the working stiffs.

Already you can see thousands of illegal construction workers building the gigantic Hudson Yards complex in Manhattan, de Blasio is telling the native born blue collar workers they are not wanted or needed.

This is a slow motion train wreck we’re witnessing here. Grab your popcorn (and leave NYC).

What is with liberals claiming that they are compassionate, yet they want to force everyone to entrust their healthcare into the hands of selfish politicians?

Not even Canada will provide healthcare to non-citizens.


Speaking of other countries with immigration policies much harsher than ours…

Which would be nearly all of them.


Hmm, won’t every sick person in the country who is poor and doesn’t have coverage make a beeline to New York? This will bankrupt them, no worries though I guess, if Dems are in charge when they go belly up, they’ll make the rest of the country bail them out.

They may try as Detroit tried and failed.

Only because republicans controlled the house at the time.