And trying to outdo the NY princess, the mayor steps in


Takes both the House and senate/60 votes to pass gas.

Seems the GOP is reluctant to use the nuclear option whereas the left has no problem.


I certainly wouldn’t rule out democrats having the house, the presidency and sixty in the senate in 2020.


That will be a very sad time for this country.


Hopefully Trump gets to seat one more SCOTUS to limit the damage. Then again, if they get that kind of majority, they’ll probably resort to packing the court to negate it.


I wonder about people and their short memory.

People were up in arms when the dems crammed the ACA down our throats and then they put the dems in charge of the house again.


Were they ever really against the ACA? Could have fooled me, they seem to be all for no pre-existing conditions thing.


There was only 40% support from the pubic when the ACA paid.

Now we have free medicaid for 11 million people, millions getting subsidies, and everyone else paying higher prices for insurance and few realize that nothing is free in life and everyone pays.


But at the same time they supported the underlying provisions of it, all they seemed to really oppose was paying for it by requiring everyone to be insured. They were all for the rest of it.


Which is why elected republicans even now vow to keep most of it, no pre-existing conditions, no caps, kids on their parents policy until 26 and even expanded medicaid.


Sad to say I think that’s entirely possible too.


Give credence to once an entitlement program begins it never goes away.


Of course not. Look at social security (arguably not really an entitlement but being treated like one now as people who never paid a dime into it are now collecting.) and how long it’s been “going broke” and some of us have been told repeatedly it’s going to be gone by the time we retire, yet we keep right on having our paychecks robbed for it.


I’ve maxed out SS for most of my life excluding military years.

And I will likely get little or nothing when congress is forced to act on the reality that there is no trust fund, just IOU’s payable by the taxpayer today.


Right, but that’s not how the program was set up to work originally and it only works the way it does now BECAUSE Congress broke the way it works by spending the money that was in that fund but never repaying it back and awarding money from SS to people coming into the country who haven’t paid into the fund either.


138 billion a year illegal immigrants is costing the American Tax payer! That is no small number by no measure! So how this baffoon is going to pay for this is anyone’s guess, but there already is a mass exodus from the state and eventually you run out of other people’s money, simple math says so!


LOL, that number is based on the false belief that there are 11 million illegals in the US which is a joke.


How many do you think there are?


Tis study says 22 million.

Another says between 30-40 million.

The reality is no on really knows as they crossed illegally and hide in the shadows and the government doesn’t care.


So if that is true then the cost to tax payers could be a lot more like 278 Bil $?


Or possibly more.

Interesting how the media and left have ignored the real number of illegals and of course the cost to support the illegals in this country.

Some embarrassing questions:
If illegals were not allowed in the country, how many citizens that have been killed by illegals would still be alive today?
How much has it cost citizens for identity theft by illegals?
How many illegals actually vote in elections?
What is the real impact of wages with the number of illegals entering each year?
What is the impact to our healthcare costs to care for the millions of illegals?