Anarcho Capitalism

Community thoughts on Anarcho Capitalism, curious.

Anarcho Capitalism is the inevitable outcome of Hegelian Dialectics, atleast in the states. 2 Sides of the same coin, Democrats and Republicans are fighting eachother, Thesis and Antithesis, creating a Synthesis, Red + Blue = Purple. Its only logical that the Libertarian Party take hold and Libertarianism Grasps America, and the Logical Outcome, the wave is Anarcho Capitalism. My Personal Ideology is Hoppes Anarchy and how to maintain it, Ayn Rands Moral Philosophy and Friedmans Economics.

What’s to stop me and the boys from doing what we want to you in your ANCAP utopia when all you have is your NAP?

If you violate the NAP, we can do any barbaric thing we want, and a good amount of people will be heavily well armed, only an idiot would want to attack someone with a rocket launcher behind theyre backs.

Sure, maybe when it’s person to person or small group conflicts internally that works, but an ANCAP country wouldn’t be able to protect itself from non-ANCAP countries.

There is a reason why governments and states were created.

It’s another path to tyranny. The reason our system has been as successful as it has is SOME regulation of the free market. We don’t allow monopolies because that leads to tyranny. If we allow a small group or one person to remove competition through a monopoly, we have a tyranny. If we allow government to allow a small group or one person to remove competition through regulation, we have tyranny. It’s extremely important to have a set of basic rules that we all abide by, enforceable by government. It’s equally important to ensure those regulations are kept to a minimum so we don’t end up going the other direction.


Not necessarily, look at Rojava, now imagine Rojava with thousands of Nuclear weapons, Missile Launchers and Guns a plenty, why would anyone mess with that place, MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction.

Mexico is basically an ancap country where the state has no power and you have small groups fighting violently over power. Without a state you just have wars over who gets to be the new state.

We already have a Tyranny ( Democracy, Socrates, The Two Party System, etc ), also the way to stop a monopoly in a Capitalist System is to not buy from them, and since we dont have a state, no regulation.

I would agree with this. While some of us would be better off in anarchy, it’s hardly a desirable place to live, especially for the elderly and weak. I constantly argue for less regulation but that’s only because I believe we’ve gone too far. I do think SOME regulation of the free market is necessary. Where do I draw the line? Harm to free people. That’s a VERY complex line to draw but I do think it’s clear we’ve gone too far.

No, the Cartels exist, in an Anarcho Capitalist society, since you can grow Cocaine in youre backyard, you dont need Mafias, or Cartels to supply drugs. Also, wouldn’t the Anarcho Capitalist Collective not wanting to be ruled and the majority, just kick them out for NAP violations and the Community would have the largest gun.

What about a monopoly on a good we all need, such as food or medication?

I don’t agree that we have a tyranny, though we’ve certainly been moving that direction for the better part of 20 years now. I think government intervention should be focused on ensuring your Constitutional rights are not being infringed upon and ensuring a monopoly isn’t built that would deprive you of accessing goods and services. I think they’ve done a terrible job of both for a very long time. Instead, they’re focused on rewarding their donors with excess regulations that put their competition out of business.

Well, they could OPT out in the Anarchy and live in a government community that doesnt push on the Anarchist Community, you have Freedom to choose. ( PS, thanks for checking it out,I am really excited to be here,Love political Debate ).

I can grow food in my back yard. I don’t because it’s not as cheap or easy as buying it from the store. You need to read The Wealth of Nations. We are successful as a society because we don’t have to make our own products. If you have zero government regulations, it’s possible for company X to buy business to the point of putting their competition under permanently. Then there’s no barrier to rising prices. What you suggest may work over the short term but eventually, it always leads to a tyranny of the few.

Couldnt you create youre own or grow youre own food or medicine and hey if you make it more desirable start a business from it, the monopoly would be dead. Modern " Capitalism" ( Its Corporatism ), is just sneaky Mercantilism in my opinion, Tax breaks for some, Monopolizing, etc.

I love debate as well. What you suggest is sort of mimicked by the Amish. One of my issues with their system is making zero progress. I like technology and while it’s hard to argue that they have a terrible life, I wouldn’t want to live it. Again, if it’s purely voluntary, how do we create boundaries? I don’t like a split country, I like us to be unified. What would happen is the USA and the tax payers would end up funding your national defense (as it would be unproductive to allow a China to invade and take you over) and upon being asked to contribute, we would start down the path of ending your free choice. :wink:

There is nothing stopping those individuals from organizing into a large group and using force to control territory and capital.

Therein lies my objection to the amount of regulations. I don’t want you to make a company that sells snake oil when it ends up killing people. I think there needs to be recourse for harm done and now we’re back to government regulations.

Ultimately, I get the idea but I believe we need rules and they cannot be enforced privately because there is no standard by which to judge. . . and when you put the standard in, it’s now government.

I will, reading Mein Kampf ( He sounds like a Tin Hat,funny how society chooses the MadMan ), and Communist Manifesto ( Its the Ideological equivalent to a 3 year old babbling ). But you dont have to produce it yourself,someone else could make the food, thats why I said Community, an individual in the community can make easy and tasty food, and is quite cheap, soon people try it and diversify, and the town booms, more people for industry, and a diverse market, thats a basic idea of an Anarcho Capitalist beginning

Except the only reason they dont make progress is theyre religion and they are quite happy still, I dont see the problem. You dont have to live it, you can make it yourself and the Amish cant stop you, simple, MAD, mutually assured destruction, Helicopter Foddering Communists and the US tried it and we didnt get nuked ( I do like Fallout though, Fallout New Vegas is my favorite video game ).