An open letter to the managers of Political Bulletin

Dear @Patriot and @KVN (kelly I know your cheating on me) but I digress.

What happen how come no warning of the shut down, I was in a battle of wits with @DaJackel lol

But seriously what’s the plan for the forum? Any suggestions for another forum? Thanks.


I went looking for another forum, to see if I could find any of the interesting characters from here. I couldn’t, nor could I find another forum half as interesting. I gave up and went on with life.

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Why not a warning? Was kinda disrespectful to be honest


I don’t know, but I do know that Patriot, Kelly and Ty were running this thing out of dedication, they were probably not making any money and getting nothing but hemorrhoids. I’d like to thank them for running this thing as long as they did.


what happen here guys???

No other forum as good as PB even with Da Jackass.


WTF happened? All of a sudden without warning this forum disappeared completely, I mean completely, not even listed using DuckDuckGo or Google, both showing the forum did not even EXIST.

I did during the months attempt to check if the forum was showing again and zero.

Until a few days ago I got an update in my email so I went to respond and again it said no forum existed.

Then today another update in my email and I went to respond and now the forum exists again.

WTF happened exactly?


I’m not even sure it’s the some people running it maybe someone has previously said something incriminating here and this place has been opened up so security can go through previous massages here just a idea maybe I’m paranoid

Well…the situation is that this forum has literally been running for YEARS and then all of a sudden and without warning just a few weeks after Joe Bidet and Co. took over this forum literally just disappeared overnight and ceased to even exist on ANY Search Engine.

I add the EXACT same thing happened to Conservative Underground which had been operating for over 20 YEARS but just disappeared overnight and ceased to exist on ANY Search Engine and again with no warning and again within a few weeks after Joe Bidet and Co. taking over. BTW Conservative Underground is still not existing on ANY Search Engine and is still disappeared.

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And admin here have not said a word since PB has been up and running again it’s definitely odd also before this place was shut down admin was absent for some time

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That vile moron DaJackel was actually issuing death threats to many members, this includes me and I am in Law Enforcement, he was also DEMANDING that I post all my personal info so he could apparently get me Doxxed by the Antifa POS.

DaJackel only joined a few weeks before this forum just disappeared, maybe he has something to do with why the forum was disappeared, he was certainly breaking various laws with his comments.

Of course that would not explain why Conservative Underground disappeared though.

Several months they were absent and that includes no responses to any PM sent to any of them.

I notice that some of them have been reading comments 5 or 6 hours ago if you click on their names and look at Recent Activity, actually it says that Patriot was Reading something 2 minutes ago, they have been reading but NONE of them have actually POSTED any comments of their own. One WOULD have thought they would have POSTED some comments of their own, so perhaps yes someone ELSE has taken control of the forum and the previous Admins have been prevented from posting anything. Who knows, it’s all very strange.

I had a similar experience with a different member here Magog he actually found out where I live Patriot assured me it was not from here I gave out personal information on a different website anyway he send food to my house on multiple occasions and even spoke to my partner on the phone and he keep claiming to be out side my house where I live with my 3 young children me and DrMan think Magog is a paid poster because we know of about 6/7 accounts Magog had on a different website all where remove because of holocaust denial related posts

That’s pretty scary, I mean nice to get food off him but saying he’s hanging outside your house is pretty scary and phoning your partner etc

it was not pre pay for

Did you say you needed food or did they just send it to you on their own accord?

I will not keeps this one up but it was done maliciously

Wow he’s obviously a total psycho.

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A scary dude for sure with some serious issues. Of course anyone calling themselves Magog (Gog and Magog) is bound to be a bit weird.

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