An open letter to the managers of Political Bulletin

He’s still here or he was still here, last seen January 29:

As I can see last seen Jan 29

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I did join Free Republic, but only made a few posts. The format there is terrible and I couldn’t handle such a terrible format, it looks ancient, you would have thought they would have updated the format, but no and so it looks like it’s stuck in a 1990s Time Vault.

Yes that was just before the forum disappeared, I think before today most peoples Last Seen would have been something similar.

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@Patriot or @KVN can you respond to our questions? Thank you hope all is well


Don’t look at Debate Politics either.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this doesn’t smell right. No posts from Patriot, Ty or Kelly saying anything, let alone explaining what happened. I’m waiting to see that this is still kosher and not some bastard PB

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@Tyfoon is activity reading everyone’s post, i notice he’s on here ALLL DAY LONG. And says he’s actively reading post. So don’t get why he can’t say anything.


What do you think is happening??? it looks very odd


Same for Patriot and Kelly, both were on yesterday at random moments reading posts but no actual posting of anything themselves. All very strange, perhaps they are not allowed to post and have had the ability to post removed from them? If so that would suggest this forum has been taken over by “Others” who might not be friendly? Who knows. At this point due to Patriot, Kelly and Tyfoon reading but not posting, all we have are theories and speculation, unfortunately the theories and speculation are tending to be of the negative type.

I even PMd Patriot yesterday asking if all was well and he has not responded to the PM I sent to him.


Maybe Bidets FBI is monitoring our site for any “Alleged” acts of Domestic Terrorist activity or possible attempts to overthrow the govt , or another " Alleged" Trump inspired insurrection.


We are thinking patriot, and kly were arrested because of January 6th … and this has been turned over to the feds

And possibly also DrManhattan along with Patriot and Kelly.

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Well according to the America Hating Marxists, showing ANY Patriotism and posting Anti-Bidet/Anti-Leftist criticism IS Domestic Terrorism.

WTF?! Welcome to Amerika aka North Korea v2.

Who is this

No idea who he is, another mysterious new member it seems.

Again posting about a very Conservative issue in gun ownership. Could be a trap to get people to respond with Pro-Gun/Pro-NRA stuff so they can go on the Domestic Terrorist list or something.

I was talking with DrManhattan about 2 weeks ago on Email but he was not replied recently

I have send him a link to here today


These people are from Twitter they all tag political Bullpen

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WTF? Never heard of any of those people, why are they all tagging this forum? Very suspicious.

Where are you getting those Twitter posts from? Can you post a link?

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If you go to Twitter and in the search box type in politicalbullpen.comEvery person that has tagged this site has popped up so I’m searching for Kelly and patriot