Amy Coney Barrett - Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

If enough people complain about you derailing topics you’ll go away. Fair warning.

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You owe me an explanation for your harassment.
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Therefore, I conclude that you changed my thread on Temple Mount to “conspiracy” for no reason, other than to harass.

I’m looking for Pastor Marrs’ tape on the reason why he thought the US Supreme Court was completely taken over by evil forces during Obama.


Trump saved the world from the evil individuals.
His first intervention was the reform of the Supreme Court.
Idiot left don’t understand. Period.

Shall we list all the times you derail threads here? That is rich coming from you to cry victim! Did you and Exodus spend the night at hotel? :rofl: :rofl:

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This topic is about Amy Barrett being confirms as a SCOTUS justice
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Not one comment on Barertt
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Do you read English?


Call her Barrett. Don’t dignify her with an appellation that AOC and RBG earned. She is another RW hack job that rethugs are trying to gussy up as the next great thing, when in reality, she is their equivalent of a death star in the making.

And JB needs to jettison his commission to study the courts and simply agree to pass whatever legislation Dems can come up with to modernize the Federal Courts. 1. Its constitutional. 2. Waiting until Barrett rules on a few cases will make it seem even more political.

As Gary Gilmore said, “Just do it”.


I’m fine calling her “RWHJ” - Right Wing Hack Job

Judges and Justices should have long but limited terms, staggered so that an equal number come up for renewal each year. And they need to be filled when they come due - McConnell set the stage for this judicial bloodbath by refusing to confirm Obama’s judges.

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I prefer “Amy Coathanger Barrett”

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Why not…Amy Covid Barrett? When I am not trying to piss people off I am going to use “Justice” Barrett.

An interesting opinion piece in the Independent this morning:

I’m not certain I agree - especially with the author’s conclusion that Democrats should have been more forceful during her hearings. Given that the votes just weren’t there and the Republicans could essentially do whatever they wanted no matter what the Dems did or said, more forcefulness would have had little effect. Still, impeachment is one potential solution to the mess we’re currently experiencing, should she decide any case in a way that exposes her prior testimony as a lie. And in the meantime, perhaps the mere discussion of impeachment as an option might restrain her when more voting-in-a-pandemic cases come before the court.

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I saw that earlier today as well. Speaking of impeachment, I want to know who paid off Kavanaugh’s debts. Getting to the bottom of that could lead, properly, to his impeachment, which will be an important step to restore both the Court’s legitimacy (his presence on it is a stain on its reputation) and majoritarian rule.

Got it you antisemite moron.

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Libtards conveniently forget Pelosi saying we have to pass it before we know whats in it.

Talk about Liberal election rigging.What hypocrisy!!!
Thetr has to be a time limit on when mail in ballots have to mailed in.

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You’re a poster child for abortion!!!

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They better get the Pennsylvania situation back to the USSC by Saturday for a ruling. They are saying that 700,000 of the Democrat Mail In Ballots have not yet been returned, my thinking about this is that those 700,000 could be the one’s without any post mark or signature that they are holding back to do the vote fraud with and if the USSC does not intervene then my thinking is that four days after the election they will start turning up all those ballots and they will be counted, because the Leftist Activist Judges in Pennsylvania have said that even though a ballot has no post mark or signature it has to be included.

Justice Scalia was one of the most intelligent people to sit on the SCOTUS. He decided cases on its merits and didn’t attempt to legislate. Other than the Justice Ginsburg , what Liberal Justices could carey his briefcase???

With Pa’s Supreme Court ruling ,why is a signature needed for anything such as check writing etc.

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