Amy Coney Barrett - Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

Leftists are absolutely SEETHING right now. Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice filling the seat vacated by leftist activist judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon her death.

Find and post as much leftist butthurt as you can in this thread.


She’s pretty hot! Good Constitutionalist judge is more important, but she’s pretty hot!
Should be illegal for women that hot to be on the Supreme Court bench…rawr!

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Now the USSC should rehear the Pennsylvania Mail In Ballot thing ASAP, like tomorrow when Justice Barrett is seated on the bench.

The POS Pennsylvania Supreme Court said they should not throw out mail in ballots that have NO matching signature on file, this is a total invitation for vote fraud.

Get the thing up to the USSC tomorrow and get them to vote on it, RINO Compromised/Probably Blackmailed John Roberts can do his usual siding with the Leftists and it won’t matter as long as all the Conservative Justices stick together Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett, it will be a 5-4 ruling.

Also the North Carolina Mail In Ballot thing, the Dissenting Justices recommended that the Republicans take it to the USSC. So do that also.


Calm down calm down!

Have your fun. The court is getting expanded over this shit. Count on it.

There needs to be some public interest litigation brought to the Supreme Court ASAP, on which they are ideologically bound to give a bad decision and that too a decision that will outrage the public and make it entirely acceptable to the general public to reform the court - by expansion, term limits, whatever.

Why? You basically have John Roberts on your team anyway and so with that it’s only 5-4 and not 6-3, Roberts is a POS he’s not a Conservative, he sides with the Leftists too often.


I don’t give a shit if we expand the Supreme Court so much that they have to meet in a stadium. When the Constitution was written, its designers based every intricate detail on the premise that the national benefit would exceed the partisan benefit.

Our system was also designed to be ruled by concurrent majority and social compromise. The Republican Party has pissed on original intent. It has rejected concurrent majority rules and refuses to compromise.

The US is not out of the woods yet.
Big, big voting fraud expected on Nov 3 (and after).

Still, it’s a piece of good news about Barrett.


Seethe harder leftist cucks.

Susan Collins voted No, she probably thinks this will help her in Maine, I’m not so sure though.

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Oh I am sorry I did not know Harry Reid was a Republican. :rofl: :rofl:

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The Leftist thugs aka Democrats are going to demand that Justice Barrett recuse herself from any Election cases that go to the USSC, well she should not, she should not give in to their bullying or threats - they will probably get one of their Leftist Thug Activist Groups to threaten to murder her children, so her ENTIRE family must be protected 24 hours a day.

The way I see this the Democrats are going to try and steal the Election via the Mail In Ballots in the following States, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina and I think these 5 States will end up in the USSC after the Election because The Trump Campaign knows that all types of shit is going to happen AFTER Election Day with those Mail In Ballots.

So Justice Barrett needs to be told not to recuse herself and that her family will be protected and then when all those 5 States end up in the USSC she can participate in the rulings on them.

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He is not American, he regularly trolls for attention so he has no skin in OUR game.

Chuck Schumer literally said that Justice Barrett on the USSC is going to affect millions of children not YET BORN. What a filthy POS he is, he’s one of the FANATICS who DEMAND Abortion on Demand so that millions of the unborn can continue to be murdered as they slumber in the womb.

What a filthy hypocrite he is, of course he’s one of Satan’s Children, he’s of that ilk, one of the descendants of the Canaanites who sacrificed the born and the unborn to their god Ba’al.


She should be expelled from the party for this.

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Who do you mean? Didgevillage?

So you advocate packing the court. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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