Americans Are Fat Slobs

We had both and it worked. The excess commodities help but they can’t provide a steady healthy diet in and of themselves.

I was thinking of this thread yesterday and wondering just how many Americans today grow any significant portion of their own fruits and veggies? How man today would go through all the time and effort to put up a couple of hundred jars of their own green beans, blackeyed peas, English peas, fresh corn etc?

When I was growing up we always had four to eight half mile long rows of summer vegetables. We kept five or six pretty large families fed off it.

Not much grows here with annual rainfall of 16".

The county I grew up in averages 8-12". We irrigated.

There is little water for irrigation.

We have an aquifer for water that’s it.

No rivers close by.

The last well we set had the bowls sitting right at 680’. There’s basically no surface water at all up there and where there is it’s reserved for city water supplies.

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I know this is a fun thread but to the OP’s point, 40% of US adults are obese. Obesity is linked to increased chronic health problems and premature death, raising medical costs by $150 billion a year. It is an important problem that should be addressed by public policy. While you were clearly making a joke when you started this thread it’s an important topic nonetheless.

The numbers provided by the National Health Institute are somewhat eye opening. According to them, $75–$125 billion is spent on indirect and direct expenses owing to illnesses associated with obesity. That’s a 2016 number.

Obesity and obesity related illness is the single biggest threat not only to the US but the entire developed world.

The more developed and rich a nation is the more unhealthy crap we eat.

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Is the booze du jour Coors now then? I fondly remember the days when it was Budweiser. I also note there’s no such thing as Coca Cola these days - it’s always ‘Diet Coke’? (like there’s a difference from the regular Coke? :roll_eyes: )

They are all horse piss compared to European beers.

Diet Coke is a watered down version of Coca Cola that doesn’t use any actual sugars as sweeteners.

They call it ‘a full English (breakfast)’, and it’s served in every eatery in the country all day long. I shudder to think what those 2 bangers are made from?


Such things have been fabricated as hoaxes for profit for decades.

A human tooth could not survive the grinding process. Study up on how meat grinders work sometime.

A good friend who drinks alot of beer always has Coors on hand at his house. He lived in Brussells for a few years and knows all of the Belgian beers. I rate any Belgian beer better than Coors, but that guy thinks pretty highly of it. He’s an agronomist who’s been everywhere in the world, and probably tasted every beer in the world, so I wouldn’t discount his opinion.

I wasn’t criticizing Coors - I’m tee-total, so I’m not in a position to - I was just making the point that trends come and go for no apparent reason.

Don’t insult me; I’m not fat. Although I am a slob occasionally.

Guinness Black Lager. Don’t just get off, take off.

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Yeah and trying to buy organic stuff that doesn’t have all the chemicals and GMO bullshit is really damn expensive. I always thought that was kind of backwards since organic is supposed to be how something grows in nature without a bunch of laboratory chemicals and scientists mucking around with it.

The first time I tried Coors, I was hitchhiking from Pa to California. I hopped a freight train in Harrisburg Pa & got off in McCook Nebraska, then hitched down to Ness City Kansas. Walked in a bar & tried my first Coors. Very good beer. Maybe back then it wasn’t pasteurized, but kept cold. Just remembered, my mother’s nickname was Ness.

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Comedian :us: Jim Gaffigan said compared to other countries: “We’re just better at not being thin.”:muscle:t2:

I saw an article of an overweight man that had to pay for two airline tickets. The other seat was across the isle. :roll_eyes: