American Psychological Association Liberals want Girly Men

The scientifically challenged libs will be screeching "SCIENCE! SCIENCE! " now that they have a report by psychologists that suits their idea of men needing to be limp wristed girly-men.

What else would we expect from psychologists? They are not even medical doctors. But insofar as their views might be aligned with psychiatrists, this study indicates there is a political- and so, a cultural- bias.

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Homophobia is a good thing. It’'s a taboo that serves or served a good purpose. Good luck to all the weaker boys who will be growing up in a society without it. They’ll be preyed on by older stronger boys with no societal taboo to curb them.

Of course nutty liberals scoff when I point that out. “Boys won’t be attracted to boys if they are born heterosexual”. I caught a guy having sex with a tree once when I was a kid. I am pretty sure he wasn’t attracted to it, that didn’t stop him from using it to satisfy his sexual urges though.

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I guess same sex sleepovers will be a thing of the past too, at least for any parent concerned about underage sex. Are you going to let your kid have a same sex friend sleep over in a society where same sex contact is no longer taboo? I wouldn’t. For the same reason I wouldn’t have allowed my daughters to have a male friend sleep over when they were young.

These professional / medical organizations that allow these types of SJW studies to be published shpuld be abaondoned by their members and new organizations should be created that are grounded in fact and reality.


This is all about strength. Liberals hate strength. Police, Israel, men, … whatever is strong libs hate. Why? Because libs have nothing to offer that strong people need. Libs NEED to make people weak and dependent so that lib politicians can promise to help them.

It’s hard to make asserted victimhood of some (intersectionality etc) a political cornerstone and also like strength that isn’t some childish, man boy, days of rage type that tears down the civilization. Manliness that upholds the family and builds up civilization doesn’t need to be a victim, and doesn’t need the Left … so the Left doesn’t need it.

The ■■■■ are literally trying to neuter men now. Competitiveness, dominance and aggression are the very traits that GET SHIT DONE! Without men constantly trying to out do one another our buildings won’t get taller, cars won’t get faster, cities won’t be as grand, etc.

All part of the plan I guess. The slow kill. Mess with the diet, spread a bunch of feminizing chemicals, then sloooowly make being a “man” offensive. Reduce birthrates (by feminization) then import as much 3rd world mud seed, and BAM. A nice population of stupid, complacent goyim.

Friendly reminder that this isn’t real psychology, the entire field got taken over by hippies and ■■■■ in the 1970’s through force, blackmail and aggression, they would attack researchers at conventions and smear them on the press. Freud for all the hate he gets considered gays and lesbians to be a disease and spent a chunk of his career trying to find a solution. Most of the pseudo-psychologists that rule the APA today consider freud to be a patriarchal shitlord and would gladly erase him from history if they could. If he was alive he would probably be diagnosed with this “masculinity ideology” bullshit.

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It only relates to ■■■■ insofar as American ■■■■ tend to be Democrat. It is driven by liberals regardless of religion.

Real women? Want real men.

Limp wristed? I’ll eat em for lunch and spit em out.

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“The ■■■■■■ Really?

Let me give you a suggestion: a fact about someone, such as their race or ethnicity, is meaningless to tell you who they really are, who they really should be and who they can be.

This may come as a shock but if you believe such facts are of such inestimable significance then you’re in fundamental agreement with the far Left on matters of race and ethnicity for they too trade in the view that your demographic says everything important about you.

Yes, you may not go in for that intersectional PC crap … but that’s just a frosting of turds decorating a cake whose premise you act like you are agree with here.

This isn’t meant to be hostile criticism, because it isn’t, but it is criticism.

Unless you’re a group of Leftists play acting a role for shock value to be subsequently trotted out on that Fundies Say the Darndest Things or its equivalent you aren’t doing yourself or any cause you may believe in any favors.


Remind me not to piss you off.



The entire mental health system in the U.S. is a joke, and there are many incompetent mental health professionals. They can’t seem to come to an agreement regarding disorders in the DSM, especially with personality disorders and stress disorders. This is part of the reason why I want to go into Psychiatry; I want to be that change. I want to be that person that can help people, and be that beacon of hope when they are struggling. The other part is because psychology interests me…

I believe that masculinity, femininity are on a spectrum. It’s not one or the other. I agree, there does seem to be a rape culture, somewhat of a “toxic masculinity” problem. But it certainly isn’t all men, and some masculinity is needed in society. Just like with everything, one extreme or the other is bad; in the middle is good. Middle leads to understanding and compromise, the extreme ends are toxic and should not be encouraged. Just my two cents.

The suicide rates for men are higher (source:, men are also less likely to report when they have suffered sexual abuse, because they are afraid that people will judge them as weak or inferior. There are issues that come with being male. Everyone has their fair share of issues.

" * The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular.

  • In 2017, men died by suicide 3.54x more often than women.
  • On average, there are 129 suicides per day.
  • White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016"

All this bullshit, tinfoil hat, living in momma’s basement soaking up too much internet crappy conspiracy stuff simply distracts from what is going on here.

The Progressive, leftist, Socialist, Communist, Globalism, including AGW push coming from the “elite” is the problem. They are not all white, black, brown, ■■■■■ or anything. They just want a dacha and a seat at the trough while they move the non-elite into 3rd world living conditions.

Open your eyes and stop distracting from the necessary and critical fight for the Republic.


“The report addresses the “power” and “privilege” that males have when compared to their female counterparts,”

Seriously? Do they really not know about the suicide statistic? They are the APA; they’re supposed to know all about thus stuff. Yet here they are judging men because of their sex. That is sexist.

Please don’t take this personally, but IMHO: There is so little real science in psychology and psychiatry (to a lesser degree) that is is insulting that they are in any way considered part of “science”.

On suicide, check the stats. Women try, men simply succeed.


Bravo! Thank you!


Ehh…it’s a different kind of science. It involves the development of the brain, so I guess to a certain extent it could be in conjunction with physiology and neurology. There is also pathology involved. It is a science in the same way that Physics is math. They may not be a core science (or core math) but they involve it heavily.

No, sorry.

Scientific method.
Drop the apple three times from some distance, falls in the same time, every time
Drop cannon ball and BB from the top of the Tower of Piza and they hit the ground at the same time, every time.

Psych is not repeatable, it is statistical. It is not repeatable.

There is only one scientific method.

Stay engaged, think, continue to question. You seem to be advancing well.