America will not be able to beat Iran

This is a good analysis.
But do you think Israel and its shabbos goys in America will care?
Think again.

Please !!! Are you mad ? Why are you listening to puppets that claim they will destroy America ? Does Bagdad Bob ring a bell for YOU ? More outlandish pronouncements of military supremacy that became the source of amusement to many in the West. :rofl::rofl:

The US has largest navy and largest air force. It’s plainly obvious that the US, with 11 aircraft carriers, over 13,000 aircrafts, a massive population and massive economy, not to mention about 7000 nuclear weapons, could eventually overwhelm Iran with shear force of numbers and technology.

The US would target Iran’s existing military infrastructure, including air bases, naval bases and ballistic missile installations. These attacks would do significant damage, to existing Iranian air defenses, which would also come under attack. Iran’s naval and air forces would be utterly annihilated , and widespread strikes would also wipe out Iran’s missile forces.

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It’s Click Bait bro! Magog’s alter ego at work here!

Listen to the speaker.
He doesn’t include the possibility of Russia joining the fray.
Air Force alone doesn’t do the job.
An entire navy fleet can be sunk with one single nuke. (The concept of “navy” is now outdated)

What’s this hysterical cry all about?

Lol… So try comparing Soviet forces during the Cold War and Irans today. Soviet and Warsaw Pact dwarfed Irans of today.

We didn’t back down then but the whiney ■■■ haters are scared today…


Next you will want us to listen to AOC . :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ha, you think the Soviet Union was real?
Why do you think the Rockefellers were dubbed the first family of the Soviet Union?
The Soviets did merely what they were told.

The cold war was a farce.

Wow. Is this what they’re teaching in school nowadays?

Dont assume he finished high school.

Lol Russian forces are what’s left over from the Golden age of the commies. Go back a little further in history and the Soviets kicked the sissy nazi butts…

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I just want to say that it’s ridiculous to think we can’t “beat” Iran. That is not even remotely debatable.
However, that is not to say that we would not lose men and even ships. That is a possibility. But there will be immediate and widespread destruction of Iranian military and political centers if they take out one of our ships.

A lot of wishful thinking.
Poor America. (I don’t mean financially, maybe that also. ) What has school education done to the younger generations of America?

…a tip off that this guy did not finish secondary education.

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Seems like irrelevant comments are all he can make.

Yeah, also stop watching CNN. It ought to help too

More like free time at the State Hospital.

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Another of Putin’s mouthpieces.

Seriously man get a grip.

Putin and Trump are working together against the â– â– â–  World Order. Get a grip.

Seriously where do you come up with all of these insane conspiracy theories?

Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had outside of it’s own borders.

Iran poses no danger

Is there not a nutball online you won’t post as a source?

Rockwell has been a known loon for decades and he’s a complete joke.

Once again, Iran can bring the industrialized world to it’s knees overnight if it ever gets control of the oil supply from the Persian gulf. About 30% of the worlds petroleum flows through the straits of Hormuz.

If they cut off the tap the industrialized world is in a recession in a week and an irreversible depression in a month.