America is Officially Over


Daily Reminder, that America deserves to die if Trump is our best hope. This country is far too cucked and the whites here are blinded with consumerism. Those who actually do try to fight off against the foreign hordes are arrested while far leftist groups are allowed to roam free. Anybody who isn’t leaving this country is basically asking for your grandchildren to become mixed race mongrels with no identity. The only nationalist group that isn’t either a stormfag honeypot or a civic nationalist sausagefest would probably be the American Identity Movement, but who knows how long they’re going to last without getting censored off the internet.

In all honesty, Trump killed any nationalistic momentum this country had. He gave whites a false hope that everything is going to be okay when really that’s not the case. I don’t see this nation surviving past the century, America is a dying corporation that’s losing support across the globe. The Judeo-Anglo alliance in general is what caused the world to become such a mockery it is today. It needs to crash and burn in order for society to go back to the way it was. Why even have guns when you aren’t going to use them on the people invading your country anyways? Americans are all talk and no action, They say they’ll do something about the people flooding in, but they never do. American citizens watch as their kids are getting massacred by brown hordes and do nothing about it.

There’s no real reason to keep pushing the “American Dream” It died the moment boomers sold their future generations out for cheap labor instead of advancing even further. Everything that made this country so great is now lost, people are actively chopping off their dicks for acceptance. Child molesters who use their “Drag Queen” alter egos are allowed to read at children’s libraries. This country is dead, get used to it.

If you have gone full blackpill that’s good. I think most of us have at one point or another. Use that to your advantage. Once you go through a deep blackpill stage you will come out of it with deeper convictions than you have now…except you won’t care what anyone else says or thinks. Hang in there. Go make some extra money and buy some guns and ammo for what comes next. Clock is ticking.

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You have the bitterness of a jilted teenage lover.

Grow the hell up.

Wow, shame on the boomers unfortunately the reality is something quite different.

Yes, we’re supposed to forget that Boomers created the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

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They tend to forget the nifty trade agreements. The “we don’t want that dirty manufacturing we want to fix what they make” nonsense from our elected officials. To bad it’s cheaper to buy a new vacuum cleaner, TV or coffee machine than to repair the old one.

There trade agreements were used to give countries like china a middle class so they are less belligerent. Seems to have worked pretty well.

Yes, it worked well for them. We however have been steadily losing our middle class as a result.

what a sick twisted view, perhaps you should move the country with the biggest economy China,oh wait Chinese citizenship is difficult and so is life if youre not chinese.

Perhaps you should try living in the UK, most people dont have guns , well minus the criminals , jihadists and hunters in rural areas.

Perhaps you will love the areas where Acid attacks and stabbings occur on a daily basis.

Maybe try France where its ISIS favorite country to attack

Maybe try Germany, how is your german and arabic?

Or try Canada,you will love their healthcare system and mosques on every corner thanks to Trudeau.

Feel free to exit the U.S. although not perfect she still has something most countries don’t have
A first and second amendment right and an opportunity to become rich .


Plenty of " boomers " here I think. Let’s test your assertion.

Any boomers here support companies giving illegals jobs at “cheap labor” rates?

I have never ever been in favor of that.

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What section of his post were you replying to?

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The section I bolded in my quote.

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I don’t know about that. The Millennials and Zoomers certainly don’t have it as easy as the Boomers had it. They also don’t get the benefit of a country that is primarily ethnically homogeneous. Whether they want to admit it or not the Boomer generation did in fact import cheap labor and closed down factories that employed millions of Americans. They need to stop being pussies about that fact and own it.

Anyhow I don’t think you should just throw in the towel. There is plenty of money to be made out there. I know I’m killing it financially right now and I’ve been doing really well riding the crypto waves. The economy is starting to shift towards more freelance work. To me that’s a good thing. Sure, it’s a really competitive environment but there’s no barriers to entry. You can pretty much learn all of the things you would need to become a successful freelancer on YouTube. You can even make good money doing virtual assistant work as someone’s bitch. Believe it or not people who want to hire a virtual assistant will pay good money for someone who is a native born English speaker. You won’t get rich doing that kind of work but you won’t starve either. It’s a good way to break in to business and start developing contacts. Just my humble advice.

Deja vu all over again. Boomers bellyached back in the day about being left holding mutual assured destruction and the Vietnam war. 18-year-olds got drafted into the military back then. Your gripe is that it’s not as easy now? We used pencils to write and had to get out of bed to change the channel when Liberace was on TV.

And they are delusional. They are fighting “boomers” when they should be fighting politicians.

People are going to take advantage of loopholes to get “rich” no matter what generation they come from and they’ll sell future generations out without a second thought.

As though the “whatever” generation is all on the same page, unified and morally incorruptible. :joy:

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Nope, I’ve told them to get the hell out of my business when they come knocking.

True story, they bring someone with them that can speak English for them. UGGGHHH.

Same for most small business owners I know as well.

We went from “The Greatest Generation” to a bunch of entitled, spoiled, self important whiners that can’t even handle their own feelings much less those they disagree with in half a century.

What they hell?

Wow, who would have known the boomers had it easy.

The Boomers closed down businesses.

You need to get a grip on reality.

Imagine what the suicide rate would have been in the seventies if these poor little whiners had been around… .

They really are the worst generation of humans to ever exist.


My only comfort is that boomers will die alone in a retirement home surrounded by foreigners who don’t speak a lick of english. Kind of fitting really since they were the first generation to be so self absorbed they shoved their parents into homes because they couldn’t contain their self indulgence for the final few years of their parents lives.

I’m sure once this starts becoming clear to boomers there will be massive outrage that their kids won’t take care of them even though they can’t because they can’t afford a house thanks to boomers fucking the housing market and reverse mortgaging the family home to pay for a shiny new RV and lavish holidays, leaving them with nothing.

Fuck boomers.

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