Amazon Reveals New Series About Hunting and Killing White People

Another white-hating piece from the tolerant mind of Jordan Peele, how unexpected. The eternally begrudged minority strikes again. It is interesting that he uses Al Pacino, acting as a Jew, to plan violence and murder against whites calling it mitzvah. I would think they would be worried about anuddah shoah once people figure out what all of this means.

Time to boycott Amazon and anyone who doesn’t is financially supporting trash like this being made.

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All big businesses and corporations hate us. Unless you live like the Amish, there is no avoiding supporting businesses that hate us. All you can do is limit how much money you give them.

Yeah? Are those other businesses making snuff movies about killing you and your kinfolk?

See, you can buy anything on Amazon from other, smaller dealers on the Internet.

So say what you want, but Amazon gets none of my cash. Fuck them with a brick.

They are basically just making a documentary of what is going on today.

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Do any of you know what this show is actually about?

Watch the previews. It’s about a Jewish guy and his band of minorities and gays rounding up white people and executing them.

I have and its not just random white guys but a speculative fiction piece about trying to stop the rise of the fourth reich.

I guess you don’t see the underlying message. They are equating the rise of the fourth reich (your words) with conservatism and white people. It reinforces the left’s narrative that those of us on the right are all Nazis and goes after the new and trendy boogeyman of anything associated with white people being racist. They are saying it’s ok to kill “Nazis” and white people before they do anything as an act of self defense.

See any similarities to what’s happening now?


In your mind they are doing that. Most level headed people see this for what it is , a piece of speculative fiction.

I have to wonder what you think the real agenda of Man in the High Castle is.

Nope. Not buying it. Would most “level-headed people” accept a series about a bunch of young white men forming right wing death squads as a work of speculative fiction?


This is about Nazis who escaped at the end of WW2 and settled in the US. They are working secretly towards creating a fourth reich.

Its a made up story.

Do you see persecution of the white man everywhere?

Good. Let them. Let’s get this game started. We are waiting.

They seem to have forgotten that ethnic Europeans are the best at war. Let them awaken the great beast and feel it’s wrath. This will be the last God damn time.

Good evening, Rabbi!

As always, projection is a key component of toxic semitism.

As an example, when the Sulzberger Blog whines about the threat of “stochastic terrorism” – it’s because the media employs this tactic all the time as a weapon against Whites.

You should try paying closer attention to the world around you.

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I do pay close attention. I just do not see conspiracies and cabals everywhere.

I thought all the angry white men who railed against anything and everything were on reddit.

If they made that it would be a huge hit because people are tired of this forced diversity anti-white bullshit that they keep pushing and failing at. Get woke, go broke is real.

You thought wrong.


This is nothing new either. One only has to watch “Watchman” to know the SJW narratives being forced into the storylines. A slew of most Hollywood productions has some element of contrived narrative such as an over representation of Gays, or buzz words like Nazi, white supremacy, anti Trumpism that all work in concert with MSM news outlets to re-enforce these contrived narratives. It’s all part of the culture war that the left is waging, which is why a lot of people are tuning out!

The latest example is the box office bomb of Charlie’s Angels directed by Elizabeth Banks! Her reason why it bombed was because men refuse to accept more powerful women roles! Yeah right! (Sarcasm) another get woke or go broke moment. Truth be told, the movie is absolute crap to which Hollywood trying to force their shit down the viewers throats doesn’t work in today’s climate!

I wish to live a simple & uneventful life; and stay under the radar as best I can. Please do not prod me. Old adage: Beware of the quiet man. Even at my age, it is not easy to kill me. I have marched the Earth for many years; paid many dues. Don’t fuck with me. The results may not be banner headlines, but it will still hit the papers.