Amazon Alternatives?

Any alternatives out there to Amazon? I noticed today, they have “We stand with BLM” on their front page. Would love to feed their competition instead of giving business to an organization that stands with terrorists.


Amazon is just a giant broker for online ordering.

Online ordering from any place that does not use Amazon would work.

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Actually, not a bad plan, find the item I want and order direct. :slight_smile: Such a shame, Amazon has been extremely useful but I’ll not support a company that insists on taking the side of a racist/terrorist group.

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Another blanketed bigoted and racist comment. And you wonder why you’re seen as a racist…

Being against BLM isn’t racist you low IQ moron. You’re a one trick pony and it’s just pathetic.


Amazon doesn’t give a damn if the 10% of overtly racist Americans quit using them because they acknowledge the value of black lives…

Ok, I knew it would only be a matter of time before you’d resort to name calling…That’s real high IQ debating right there…

This is the problem. So many small businesses are on Amazon because they rely on the shipping arrangements that Amazon has made. Instead of ignoring Amazon maybe the better thing to do would be to not buy any products that are fulfilled directly by Amazon, that’s pretty easy to identify. That way you can use Amazon as a pass through to support small American businesses that would otherwise get screwed by Amazon if they weren’t able to leverage their shipping capabilities.


Oh look, another idiotic post from our resident racist.

Once again, almost NO ONE disputes the value of black lives, only a moron would suggest that. BLM on the other hand is a racist, violent organization that should be shut down.


You’re the ass hat that started it… how many times have you called me racist now? That’s an ASSHOLE move because you know damn good and well I’m no racist.


And more racist bullshit. Black lives matter, despite your hatred of the organization of black Americans fighting for that recognition…

What recognition don’t they have? They get preferential treatment in pretty much everything.


You’re hatred of black people is accessible…:man_shrugging:

More racist bullshit. Mr Floyd didn’t get any preferential treatment…:roll_eyes:

Yup, you insist on staying racist. The fact that the name says something and the group stands for something else is just proof you’re just blind to the truth.

Here’s the fun part. Everyone here has seen my family history and knows full well I’m no racist so at this point, you just look stupid to the rational minds here.

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Assuming your black, you would be the only one I hate at this point. Why? Because you’re an ignorant fuck that keeps repeating the “you’re a racist” line as if it has any merit.

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You can say anything on the internet…:roll_eyes:

So because one person maybe…possibly…got dealt a bad hand after they had a career as a criminal…means that we should just give every single black person everything they want at all times because of that? They already get pretty much everything handed to them without having to work for it so…fuck em. It’s the American way. We all get fucked. They can enjoy the equality of that.


No, you’d be wrong just as you are with the rest of your assumptions.

Well no, have you heard of the straw that broke the camels back??? Protests have broke out around the world, people are protesting at our embassies in several countries. It’s not just Americans that are fed up with the systemic racism in the American police forces, apparent to all but bigoted racists.